Oklahoma meteorologist Mandy Bailey has been fired over a ‘hang in there’ riddle depicting a noose (see below).

Who knew a brain teaser could be offensive enough to get someone fired. The management at a local station in Oklahoma released a statement after firing the station’s meteorologist:

“On Monday morning, one of our employees at KSWO-TV displayed an image that was offensive and unacceptable. At KSWO, we do not tolerate behavior of any kind that depicts hatred, social injustice, racism or anti-Semitism.”

What the local ABC-affiliated station didn’t expect is the thousands of angry people commenting on social media and calling on the station to reinstate Mandy Bailey.

A Facebook page in support of Bailey was even started. Comments on Twitter were favorable and called on the station to reinstate Bailey:

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Bailey is accused of playing a word game (photo below) with the word “THERE” with a noose hanging between the “T” and the “H.”

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Viewers complained the noose was racial in nature or that it mocked suicide.

KSWO’s statement said that “the employee responsible was terminated immediately.”

The eternally offended won again.

There’s a Change.org petition in support of Mandy Bailey that has 1,881 signatures and needs 2,500.

Let’s hope the station management comes to their senses and reinstates this employee ASAP.

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