The Mexican Ambassador to the US just confirmed what American officials have been saying about how there are hundreds of criminals traveling with the migrant caravan. President Trump has received criticism for his efforts to keep the caravan away via a proclamation. He has also just authorized the use of lethal force from troops at the border. He means business!

The Ambassador confirmed there are people with criminal records coming (video below):

“I think that those numbers, precisely, were, I don’t know exactly where those numbers are coming from but I do know we have strong cooperation with the United States to identify people that have criminal records that are coming into our region, and that just makes sense, and that’s an example of the good cooperation that Mexico and the United States have.”

“I mean, we share the opinion that there are people that have criminal backgrounds in that group and yes, the numbers I cannot comment because the numbers are, I just don’t think there’s enough clarity about what those numbers come from.”

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even though DHS has confirmed a number of 500 criminals, Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. Geronimo Gutierrez doesn’t know how they got to the number. One criminal is reason enough to be very careful when dealing with the thousands upon thousands of people amassed at our border.

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