Drug cartels are capitalizing on Biden’s relaxed immigration policies to enhance their rate of illegal substance transportation as well as contributing to an increased rate of human trafficking. What’s more, there have been reports of children being kidnapped and used as a means to get into the US.

Human trafficking has been a long-occurring problem in the Rio Grande Valley area and is now being exacerbated by the dramatic increase in illegal immigrants crossing the border. It appears that smuggling humans across the border has proven easier and more profitable than smuggling drugs, thus presenting a new and dangerous trend for the human trafficking crisis.

In a tweet by investigative reporter Drew Hernandez, he reveals that many immigrant children are being kidnapped and used as a way to get into the country. Hernandez says that he has conducted many interviews with US border patrol and it is a common practice to kidnap children and use them as a means to cross the border into the U.S.

After successfully crossing the border with the children, the kidnappers are able to remain with the child/children they have taken as a ticket into the country. As the plan for housing some families in hotels gets underway, there is a very chilling, real possibility that these kidnapped immigrants will be forced to remain in the hotel with their abductors.

Currently, there are about 15,000 unaccompanied minors in custody that are being held by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol who need proper housing arrangements.

“The Biden administration opened the floodgates to any child who wants to come across the border is going to be able to come across the border,” said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, “And I know from what’s going on, on the ground, they were completely ill-prepared for this.”

At present, there is no sign of a slowing of immigrants crossing the border illegally and there is little hope being found at the detention facilities where children are spending about 136 hours in border patrol custody. Hopefully, the proper actions can be taken to identify and reduce instances of human trafficking as well as kidnappers getting away with these children.

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