Shouldn’t it raise a few massive red flags when a Mexican candidate comes across the US border to campaign for president? Does that fact that he met with Democrat operatives like Obama’s former Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, while bashing our President concern anyone?

A presidential hopeful visited California earlier this month to slam President Donald Trump, assure immigrants he stood by them and meet with leaders like University of California President Janet Napolitano.

That presidential hopeful is running for high office in Mexico — not the U.S.

The visit by Ricardo Anaya, 39, to California has raised eyebrows in the U.S. where it is rare to see presidential candidates from a foreign country engaging in campaign activities with Americans. (It has happened before, but we’ll get to that later.)

So who is Anaya and what did he do in California that’s captured some attention? Here’s what we know.

Who is Ricardo Anaya?

Anaya, whose full name is Ricardo Anaya Cortes, is a Mexican attorney who has had political ambitions from a young age. He ran for office in the state of Queretaro when he was 21, and over the years he has had various jobs in government, according to his website.

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Anaya is running for president in Mexico under a political coalition called For Mexico in Front, or FMF. His opponents are Andres Lopez Obrador, of the left-leaning MORENA party, and Jose Antonio Meade from the current ruling party, PRI.

The election in Mexico is set for July 1.

What was Anaya doing in California?

During a visit in San Francisco on March 2, Anaya met with Napolitano “to discuss ‘Dreamers’ and the constant threats by President Donald Trump against these young people,” according to his site. Anaya later shared a photo on Twitter of him and Napolitano shaking hands.

The next day, Anaya met with immigrant leaders in Los Angeles where he voiced his support for “Dreamers” — unauthorized immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally as children — and criticized Trump’s visit to Mexico in 2016, according to a summary of his visit published by the pro-immigrant nonprofit Center for Immigration Studies, or CIS.

“After Donald Trump had been insulting and revolting at the best that Mexico has in the United States, they dared to roll out a red carpet to receive him in Los Pinos, as if he were a head of state,” Anaya said, according to his website, which published excerpts of the speech.

“Do not forget that you are not alone … all of Mexico is with you and when I am President I will always be on your side,” he said.

Via- San Diego Tribune

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