Paloma for Trump has dual citizenship in Mexico and the U.S. She’s a huge Trump supporter and has been reporting from our southern border about the invasion of illegals. She’s incredibly brave.

She was at a post office in San Diego, California when she encountered a woman who went bonkers over Paloma’s MAGA hat. The woman demands that she remove her hat and then assaults.

The woman continues to berate Paloma and gets in her face until she smashes her hand into the camera. She starts mocking Paloma and then pulls out her cell phone to begin recording but Paloma says she hopes she records her.

Paloma stood her ground with this woman who clearly has a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. She got way too upset about a hat.

This Trump supporter is a perfect example of what to do if someone starts to harass you. Record it!

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Paloma for Trump lives in Tijuana part of the time so she was able to get video of the mass migration that has been happening.

She interviews Mexican citizens on what’s happening at the border:

The Mexican citizens are also upset about the migration. Paloma interviews people who are concerned that the people coming in are undocumented. They want to know who they are.

They are saying MS-13 is taking over southern Mexico. One Mexican man says, “We need to fight.”


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