President Trump’s threat of a tariff is resulting in stronger enforcement against illegal immigration from Mexico. The president did this on his own without the help of our do-nothing Congress. The media won’t give him credit but he should get all of the credit for this successful move to tax Mexico if they don’t stop the huge influx of illegals at their southern border with Guatemala.

Over the weekend, the Mexican authorities were checking ID’s and pulling illegals off of public transportation, They intercepted four trucks packed with nearly 800 illegals! Mexico is really stepping up their enforcement with plans to position 6,000 National Guard troops this week to its southern border.

ABC News reports that the National Migration Institute said 1,000 immigration agents had been deployed in the north and south of Mexico.

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The Associated Press saw nearly 10 armed soldiers at a checkpoint near Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, in Chiapas state, wearing black armbands to indicate they are part of the National Guard. The soldiers stopped vehicles while immigration officials checked identification and removed passengers without documents. At another checkpoint just north of Comitán in Chiapas, more than a dozen apparent National Guardsmen drove around backroads in the rain and dark, looking for migrants and human smugglers.

Chiapas has just about every illegal from India and Africa coming through the area along with Central Americans:

Africans coming too: This is a literal invasion from the third world.

And Brazil…


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