Yesterday, the MI Senate Oversight Committee questioned Dominion CEO John Poulos about the Dominion Voting machines used in Michigan in the November election. During his testimony, Mr. Poulos was asked specifically about Antrim County voting machines where it was discovered that thousands of votes flipped from President Trump to Joe Biden in the solidly red county. The media and Mr. Poulos blamed the incredible exchange of votes on “human error.”

Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos

MI Senator Pete Lucido (R) asked Mr. Poulos, “How do I know, as a voter, Mr. Poulos, that I didn’t have any irregularity of the software being manipulated? How can I be sure of that?” The Dominion CEO responded by saying a “hand count audit and recount,” would resolve any questions about the integrity of the machines, telling Senator Lucido,  “At the end of the day, you have to remember, that the ballot box was secure and empty at the beginning of the day,” adding, “And at the end of the day, there was a number of ballots that each voter deposited into that sealed and locked ballot box.” Poulos added, “Those ballots haven’t gone anywhere,” assuring the Committee, “They’ve been under secure control of the poll workers.”  John Poulos continued, “Even the allegation in an environment that we’re seeing right now, which is unprecedented, in my opinion, is exactly why the Secretary of State is working with Antrim County to perform that hand count.”


Constitutional Attorney Matthew DePerno, who was granted permission by Michigan 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A Elsenheimer to allow his client and his highly skilled IT experts to perform a forensic audit on 16 Dominion Voting machines in Antrim County, MI, says the Dominion CEO is not telling the truth about the security of the machines in Antrim County.

DePerno contacted 100 Percent Fed Up to explain that Dominion CEO John Poulos made this statement about the boxes being secured without evidence of his claim. The constitutional attorney who represented William Bailey in his case against Antrim County explained that on November 27, 2020, he and Mr. Bailey along with five IT experts who were part of his team, were “given permission by four precincts to perform an inspection of their tabulators and tabulator print off roles.” Mr. DePerno explains that at least 2 of the 4 Dominion machines they inspected had broken seals on the sides of the machine. One of the broken seals was discovered on the Dominion Voting machine in Mancelona Twp. and the second broken seal was found in Central Lake, MI., additionally, the Dominion Voting machine in Central Lake had no side security lock on the side.

The image below shows the SEALED Dominion Voting machine in Mancelona Township’s Precinct #2. The magnetic tape (circled) can be seen attached to the machine:

The image below, of Mancelona Township’s Precinct #1 shows the magnetic tape (seal) is missing from both sides of the Dominion voting machine, allowing full access to the machine:

The image below shows the SEALED Dominion Voting machine in Mancelona Township’s Precinct #1. The magnetic tape (circled) can be seen attached to the machine:

The image below shows where the seal has been removed from the Dominion Voting machine in Precinct #1 in Mancelona Twp.

DePerno explained, “In Central Lake, the lock that protects the side data port where you can insert a thumb drive in order to perform a software upgrade, that could change the program, was missing.” He explains, “The missing lock gives the ability of any person, including a voter to change the Dominion Voting machine program.”

Mr. DePerno explained to us that once the seals are broken and the lock is removed, the integrity of the machines has been compromised. “It definitely showed that someone had accessed the inside of the tabulator and it no longer represents a secure voting platform,” he said.

The bin (or box) seen in the image below is where the ballots are stored. DePerno explained, “If you remove the tape, it gives you the ability to separate the tabulator from the box that contains the ballots.”

Watch Dominion’s training video to see how the box that stores the ballots is separated from the voting tabulator.

DePerno warned that ballots can be added or removed at will once the tabulator is separated from the box below and that we have no way of knowing what happened to these machines or to the ballots inside, once the tape was removed.


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