One month before the November election, The Guardian wrote a hit piece on President Trump over his suggestion that the experimental drug Regeneron, saved his life when he was battling the Chinese coronavirus. The Guardian article even went as far as to suggest that President Trump endorsed the drug because a member of his New York golf club is the drug company’s chief executive.

New questions have emerged over the circumstances in which Donald Trump was given an experimental antibody drug cocktail produced by a golfing acquaintance to treat his coronavirus infection.

As Trump wrongly hailed his treatment – which included a drug called REGN-COV2 produced by Regeneron – as a “cure”, it emerged that the company’s chief executive, Leonard Schleifer, is a member of the Trump National golf club in Briarcliff Manor, New York, and had met the president in May to talk about drugs his company was developing.

While some ethicists have defended Trump’s privileged access as president to experimental treatments, others have suggested it raises questions of fairness among other concerns, including his history of touting unproven treatments.

The media’s most famous lying “journalist,” MSNBC’s Brian Williams, featured an attack ad by the RINO group, Lincoln Project to help discredit President Trump’s claim that Regeneron was a miracle cure for him:



Last week, Michigan’s radical leftist Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a frontrunner for Biden’s VP, who, unfortunately, didn’t make the cut due to lack of pigment in her skin, was told by Joe Biden that he would not increase the number of COVID shots to her state to help her curb the largest increase in COVID cases per population in America. The Democrat Party loyalist refused to blame Biden for not sending help to Michigan residents and hospitals overwhelmed with COVID patients by providing more vaccines.  Instead, Whitmer is now touting therapeutics, like Remedsvir and Regeneron, which President Trump was mocked for promoting following his miraculous recovery from the Chinese coronavirus after he took both drugs.

After the unpopular governor’s request for more vaccines was turned down by the Biden regime, Whitmer, who is running for re-election in 19 months asked Michigan residents and restaurant owners to voluntarily remain in lockdown, as a way to curb to increase in COVID cases. To the best of our knowledge, Whitmer didn’t get any takers, as Michigan residents, who’ve been locked down for over a year now are tired of her overreaching lockdowns that did nothing but destroy businesses, and put Michigan at the top of the list of all states with new COVID cases.

Today, during her press conference, instead of talking about a lack of vaccines in Michigan, Whitmer praised therapeutics like Regeneron as a “cure” for COVID-19 in COVID-19 positive patients, even going as far as mentioning how it saved Trump’s life. “Regeneron’s treatment very likely helped saved the life of our former president,” Whitmer said, as she childishly refused to say President Trump’s name out loud, instead, calling him “our former president.”

“Drugs like Remdesivir can limit the number of days you stay in the hospital,” Whitmer told Michigan residents.

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