Gretchen Whitmer, the far-left Democratic Party candidate for governor in Michigan, posted a picture of herself wearing a hat designed to look like President Trump’s signature, “Make America Great Again” hat. The only difference is, instead of bringing manufacturing jobs back to Michigan, Gretchen’s idea of making America Great Again is killing babies.

In a post that Whitmer used to promote herself on Facebook to the pro-abortion voters in Michigan, she can be seen wearing the Planned Parenthood hat. But was it smart for Whitmer to wear a hat suggesting killing babies is the equivalent of Trump’s pro-American Make America Great Again message, and will it bring her more votes, or will it encourage moderates and conservatives to go to the polls to vote for her opponent, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette?

The irony of the message of Gretchen Whitmer’s message on her Facebook post is not lost on anyone. Her message accompanying the image of Whitmer wearing the hat says, “The future is bright…and pink”…someone should tell Whitmer that the whole point of Planned Parenthood is to STEAL “the future” of “pink” babies before they ever see the light of day.

The hat isn’t Whitmer’s only misstep this week.

Yesterday, during a gubernatorial debate with her Republican opponent, MI Attorney General Bill Schuette, Gretchen Whitmer told a big a fat lie. During the debate, Whitmer was quoted as saying she never called to abolish ICE. There’s one BIG problem. She was caught on video calling to abolish ICE in August.

Another Democrat LYING to get votes…nothing to see here, folks.



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