A number of issues with votes in Detroit were uncovered after the election, and the vote was certified. 59% of the vote counting machines weren’t working, so the Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey said the election workers just kept jamming the votes in, some even several times, making the vote count on the tabulator and the number of votes actually cast much different. Fortunately for Hillary, the majority of voters in these districts vote for Democrats.
Mike Roman reports that Bernie Sanders “write-in” votes are being counted as a vote for Hillary. He calls them “stolen votes” and says the Trump team needs to challenge them:

A fellow “Michigander” and Facebook friend Ken Crider exposes more fraud that was uncovered during the recount in Wayne County (primarily Detroit voting districts):

From Ken Crider: MUST READ! Penny Crider and I just got back from helping watch the recount at Cobo Hall in Detroit. On Nov. 8th (election day) the election officials at 8:00 pm shut down the polls. They then reconciled the differences from the machine count and the voter count on the computer. At this point a Metal tag/seal with a serial number is put on the box and the box was taken away.
Penny’s precinct, Detroit Precinct #152 had an unbroken seal and everything looked proper. The tag on the box said 306 and the book said 306 and the ticket said 306, so there should be 306 paper ballots on the box, right. Well when they pulled out the ballots the stack seemed short and when they finished separating the two page ballot to count the Presidential page only guess how many ballots were in the box? 304 no, 299 nope, 200 nada, how about 100 wrong again. There were only exactly 50 paper ballots in a locked sealed box that again was supposed to have 306. HMMMM.
Oh I forgot to add, since there was a discrepancy in the two numbers the original count stands
One more thing my precinct (sorry I forgot the number), had 525 votes on the book, tag and ticket and we counted 525 ballots the election official was praising the Lord “Hallelujah we have a countable precinct” Jill Stein had three (3) votes.

Here is the actual Facebook post:

With all of the “irregularities” taking place in Detroit, how in the world can Americans place any trust in the outcome of the elections in Detroit or other Democrat stronghold districts where the machines conveniently broke down on election day.

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