Ronna Romney McDaniel is the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. She’s the daughter of Mitt Romney’s older brother Scott and the outspoken former GOP US Senate candidate Ronna Romney. She may be the niece of the man the GOP elite have annointed as their spokesperson for the Republican voter, but she’s not towing the line when it comes to interfering with the will of We The People.

Ronna took the opportunity to address the crowd prior to the GOP debate at the Fox Theater last week, where she announced she would support whomever the candidate the people of MI chose at the polls. Obviously, this came as a surprise for many who expected her to follow the lead of her high-profile uncle, who has chosen to fight harder to defeat Donald Trump at the polls than he did Barack Obama when he was running against him in 2102.

The niece of 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney wishes her uncle was in the White House, but vows she’ll support Donald Trump – the candidate Romney publicly attacked in a brutal takedown speech last week.

In an interview by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in Detroit on Tuesday night – where Trump sailed to victory in the state’s primary – Ronna Romney McDaniel said she believes the real estate billionaire is “committed to staying in the [Republican] party.”

McDaniel said that rallies she’s attended for Trump in Michigan are “not a traditional Republican crowd,” but that she’s “not surprised” he won the state handily.

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“If he’s our nominee, I’m going to support him,” she declared.

She also said her uncle is not an option for the party’s nominee if there is a contested GOP convention this summer.

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He said he’s not interested,” she said. “I wish he were president now. But I am pleased with our field. Let’s see what happens.

Via: Newsmax

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