Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced today on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that “Michigan will be able to announce results, but we are not going to have artificial deadlines set by, you know, people with political agendas. It will be soon after polls close. I’m not going to put a number on it, but we’re going to get it right.”

Whitmer is trying to continue the false assumption that a group of “white supremacists” plotted to kidnap her. This has been debunked but she’s using it to score political points:

Instead of asking what Whitmer meant by “artificial deadline,” the conversation turned toward accusing President Trump of calling for his supporters to watch the polls like it’s a bad thing to watch the polls. If anyone has been a poll watcher in the past, it’s obvious that the polls need watching much more than they have been in past elections. As Joe Biden just said, there has been “chicanery” going on but it’s not by Republicans. It’s just like the Democrats to accuse the Republicans of what THEY are doing. Biden is setting up a post-election scenario when he loses, “the only way we lose this is by the chicanery going on relative to polling places.”

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Count on Michigan to be a close vote and count on mischief at the polling places just as there is every election. Signing up for a position as a poll watcher or poll challenger is a great idea; call your local Republican Party office to ask what you can do.

We cannot stress how important it is to do something to help protect the vote this year.

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