Democrats in Michigan have pulled a fast one on voters, and several members of the Michigan Legislature are calling them out in a letter demanding media outlets STOP running ads filled with lies and deceit about Proposal 2, which appears on the ballot in the upcoming election.

Even the name of the proposal, “PROMOTE THE VOTE,” is deceitful and should, instead, be called, “STEAL THE VOTE!”

The truth is, Michigan voters need to dump Proposal 2, “Promote STEAL the Vote,”  that will change their Constitution and forever legalize voter fraud in their state. They have a chance to dump the Democrat-led proposal into the trash bin of election history and stop this attempt to allow billionaires to take over our elections and make voter ID a thing of the past while encouraging stay-at-home voting.

Here is the outstanding letter from conservative MI lawmakers who are fighting to stop the lies about Proposal 2, that if passed, will making cheating in elections easier and permanent.

Dear Michigan Voters,

We, the undersigned, are issuing this letter in opposition to the disinformation tactics, illicit behavior, and threats to democracy coming from a group called Promote the Vote 2022.

The advertisements sanctioned by Promote the Vote 2022 in favor of the Proposal 2 ballot measure are incredibly deceptive, intentionally misleading voters into believing that the measure would add voter ID provisions to the State Constitution. On the contrary, the measure explicitly makes mandatory voter ID laws unconstitutional and allows individuals to sign affidavits or produce easily-forgeable receipts attesting to their identity in order to gain access to a ballot and vote in elections.

Furthermore, Proposal 2 does nothing to ensure that mail-in and absentee ballots cannot be received and turned in without providing voter ID. This allows for the mass mailing of absentee ballots without any sort of verification or standard to ensure transparency. It would also increase unsafe ballot boxes funded by private money, allowing billionaire special interests to buy our elections. Proposal 2 essentially amends the State Constitution to legalize voter fraud and make election integrity completely untenable.


The organizers behind Proposal 2 are conflating their efforts with the efforts of Secure MI Vote, a wholly separate ballot campaign put forth earlier this year to compel the state legislature into enacting mandatory voter ID laws. Proposal 2 was written to invalidate Secure MI Vote as a way to stop mandatory voter ID and other popular, common sense reforms and does so via constitutional amendment—making these wholesale changes to our election system virtually impossible to be overturned.

Opinion polls have consistently shown that voter ID laws are among the most popular in the country, gaining a large percentage of support among all ideologies and ethnicities. Many first-world nations throughout the world require voter ID, and these laws, when enforced, impose no undue barriers upon voting. If this campaign of disinformation waged by Promote the Vote 2022 is not illegal, it is certainly immoral and reprehensible, and it is occurring because they understand that Proposal 2 would be soundly rejected on its merits.

We, the undersigned, are calling every media outlet to discontinue running these advertisements from Promote the Vote 2022 immediately. Media outlets must refuse to be complicit with a cynical campaign that is deceiving Michigan residents and attempting to coerce them into voting against their priorities and interests. Promote the Vote 2022’s actions demonstrate a textbook example of the worst our political system has to offer, and this assault on our Constitutional Republic ought to be rejected forcefully at the ballot box in this year’s midterm elections.


Senator Jim Runestad, Rep. Matt Maddock, Rep. Steve Carra, Rep. Daire Rendon, Rep. Brad Paquette, and Rep. Ryan Berman


“Fakebook” founder, Mark Zuckerberg, got away with it once with his financial influence peddling in the 2020 General Election, infamously known as “Zuckbucks.”

As the Republican outcry over this became a bit too hot, Zuckerberg announced in April 2022 that he would not be doing the same thing in 2022 ie, funneling money into elections.

In fact, as of mid-September, 24 states have passed laws banning the private funding of elections. Twelve counties have done so also. Livingston County, Michigan, was the second county nationwide to do so.

Many Republican voters do not even realize that Proposal 2, known as the Right to Voting Policies Amendment, will also allow private donations to fund elections! And if this proposal is passed, it will be added as an amendment to the state constitution! Permanent!! Extremely hard to undo!!

In a recent Detroit Free Press article, reporter Clara Hendrickson stated that both Democratic and Republican-leaning communities received Zuckbucks election grants in 2020. Thus, this proves there was no partisan purchasing of the election. In fact, she pointed out that a GOP-appointed judge dismissed a lawsuit over Zuckbucks because all communities that applied for the grant money received it, whether Democrat or Republican.

So, why the fuss? Here is why.

A lawsuit has been filed against Secretary of State Benson over allowing private donations to be injected into the election process in Michigan. Thomas More Society lawyers claim that the Secretary of State has the responsibility under Michigan’s Constitution and Election Code to ensure that every voter has equal access to the ballot.

Democrats got around the “equal access to the ballot” requirement by making sure that red, as well as blue communities, received grant money. Rural, red communities received the $5000 minimum or less. But the largest total dollar amounts of the $17 million in grants to Michigan went to blue communities by far. Almost half of the amount went to Detroit.

And what did Benson say? Sorry, but she was not responsible for the millions of dollars of private grants that flooded into the state in the 2020 election because “she did not personally hand out the money”. Isn’t that rich? And from the mouth of the Chief Election Officer in the state!

84% of the total funds paid out by CTCL (Center for Tech and Civic Life ie Zuckbucks) went to jurisdictions carried by Biden.  If that is not outside influence peddling, what else do you call it?

As Thor Hearne, attorney for the Thomas More Society, explains:

“The Michigan Constitution guarantees every eligible citizen the right of equal protection when it comes to voting, and that means state officials may not put in place an election scheme that enhances the weight of votes cast by one class of voters or increases one favored class of voters’ access to the ballot. That’s just what happened here. Analysis of data that the Center for Tech and Civic Life provided to the Internal Revenue Service and other public records demonstrates that this scheme was designed to favor urban areas in Michigan and to disadvantage, Michigan voters in rural and suburban more politically conservative areas.”

A lawsuit was filed in Sep 2020 regarding this egregious private funding of the election, but the judge ruled that it was too close to the election to do anything about it though the claim had merit.  Twice Benson tried to throw the lawsuit out but was denied. At her third attempt, it was dismissed on the basis that the election was now over, and the case was, therefore, moot.

Talk about a “catch-22”!!!

As Thor Hearne said when he recently filed a brief on Sep 6, 2022:  “It cannot be that a private election funding scheme is immunized from judicial review both before and after the election.”  The case is currently under appeal.

Supposedly, the CTCL grant money was necessary to purchase PPE equipment during covid. In fact, this money was funneled to local election offices in 47 states under the guise of alleviating the burden of COVID-19-related costs. However, an examination of financial statements shows that in Michigan and Wisconsin, there were “zero” purchases of PPE.

Covid was the cover. The takeover was the target, ie, election takeover and meddling.

There were what is called “clawback” provisions or strings attached to the grant money. Clerks had to follow orders as to how the election process was to be run, or the money had to be returned.


As Mollie Hemingway said in her best-selling book, “Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections”:

“It was a genius plan. And because no one ever imagined that a coordinated operation could pull off the privatization of the election system, laws were not built to combat it.”

Michigan voters MUST vote NO on Proposal 2 in the upcoming election. Let’s not let Democrat dark money see the light of day in the upcoming mid-term elections!


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