The Michigan Conservative Coalition was the first group to organize a protest against draconian lockdown measures put in place by an overreaching governor.

On April 15th, over 10K vehicles drove to the state’s capital, Lansing, MI, to express their frustration over the devastating economic effects of the shutdown on the state’s economy.

Since April 15th, Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who is on Joe Biden’s shortlist for VP, has twice extended her draconian lockdown orders on citizens of Michigan. From banning travel between private residences in Michigan to prohibiting workers whose jobs are performed strictly outdoors, Governor Gretchen Whitmer made a succession of irrational decisions that unnecessarily harmed Michigan residents. Each time Michigan residents protested her decisions, she doubled down on her tyrannical behavior, threatening protesters she would keep the state shut down even longer and then blaming them for spreading the pandemic.

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One of the victims of Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s overreaching executive orders is 77-year-old Owosso, MI barber, Karl Manke, who defied the governor’s shutdown order after he realized he was going to lose his business if he didn’t reopen.

Another salon owner, Shelly Luther of Texas, defied shutdown orders and opened her hair salon to customers before restrictions were lifted on hair salons in her state. When Luther was cited but refused to close her doors, she was thrown in jail by an overzealous judge, who sentenced her to 7 days and gave her a $7,000 fine. Republican Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Supreme Court made the decision to release the hairdresser from jail.

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Shelley Luther traveled to Michigan so she could join Karl Manke in solidarity on the steps of the Capitol building in Lansing.

Watch their exchange with the media:

Michigan Conservative Coalition’s Meshawn Maddock shared some great footage of the free haircutting event here:

Breitbart News was live at the #OperationHaircut event, where they captured Karl Manke, as he spoke to the crowd about why he decided to open his business in defiance of the governor’s orders.

Manke told the crowd that many have asked him why he doesn’t just accept food stamps, he said he doesn’t want to accept government handouts, because he is capable and is able to work. Manke told the crowd that his license was pulled by Governor Whitmer without a hearing and that in doing so, she has created a de facto police state.

Manke explained that he didn’t want to be famous, that in his 59-year career, he has never taken a two-week vacation. After being out of work for several weeks, Manke said he realized he couldn’t afford to continue to not work. He spoke about how in WWII, younger people would turn in older Jews during WWII and how Jews willingly got into cattle cars. “I refuse to get into a cattle car!” Manke told the crowd to loud cheers. “I will not stand down! I will continue my work with or without a license! I feel like I have been denied my livelihood by the governor.” Manke told the crowd that he’s sure there are people who love her, adding, “This is not a police state,” and “I refuse to live in a police state!”



Do you support these barbers and hairstylists who traveled to Michigan’s Capitol building to cut hair in defiance of Governor Whitmer’s lockdown orders? Should local salons and barbershops be forced to close while citizens in Michigan shop freely in big box stores across the state? Who gets to pick the winners and losers when it comes to businesses that are allowed to remain open and those that must be closed during the pandemic?

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