Ask anyone who knows conservative activist Scott Presler “what makes him so special?” and they’ll probably answer, “He inspires.”

Scott Presler is an outspoken, gay Trump supporter and he’s not shy about calling out Democrats who put illegal aliens before American citizens. On any given day in northern Virginia, you can find Scott on the streetcorner holding a sign that asks the question, “Why do Democrats put illegal aliens before Americans?” Every once in a while, Scott switches it up and holds a sign asking why Democrats put illegal aliens before Black Americans?

Here’s a short video clip showing Scott in action on a street corner in northern Virginia.

A group of patriotic, Trump supporters in Michigan was so inspired by Scott Presler’s message, that they got together and created a billboard out of an old semi-truck trailer.

They started with a blank slate.

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They measured and they drew lines where the letters would be placed.

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And then they went to work, creating a message that all Americans should be asking.


And now, their artwork is ready to be placed on the busy Hwy. US127 in Claire, MI.

Cindi Holland, one of the organizers, thanked Scott Presler and her fellow Michigan patriots, including Londa Gatt of Bikers For Trump (in center of the photo wearing patriotic pants) on her Facebook page, telling him that the “project was a success.”

Thanks to all the volunteers and Scott Ryan Presler this project was a success .. we painted this trailer which will serve as a Billboard on US 127 in Clare Michigan .. afterward, Londa, Lloyd and I went to dinner with our new friends Joy and Mike, two awesome people! .. other volunteers couldn’t stick around until the end but they were a huge part of the success of this project! Thank you Billie her husband and Milton .. Next weekend we will paint another trailer in Jackson Michigan 😊 please PM me if you would like to join us

Scott was so pleased to be their inspiration, that he retweeted the images of the patriots hard at work creating their important message.

There’s an awful lot of enthusiasm for Donald J. Trump in the formerly blue state of Michigan.

Next week, Michigan auto workers for Trump will be hosting a rally in Sterling Heights, MI. In May, Auto Workers for Trump held a rally in Sterling Heights, MI, where quite a few auto workers live and work, the turnout was outstanding. If you’re in Michigan and would like to join us, go to this link:

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