Andrew Sitto, a GOP poll challenger at the TCF Center in Detroit was there when the white van pulled up at 4:30 AM, far beyond the midnight deadline for ballots to be delivered.

Sitto testified to the fact that he saw the ballots being unloaded. His best estimate was that 50,000 ballots were delivered in the early-morning, post-election day dump.

Tonight, he testified in front of the MI House Oversight Committee about what he saw at the 34:31 mark.  What’s interesting is that Daniel Baxter, who was hired as a consultant to oversee the entire absentee ballot processing at the TCF Center was there when the white van filled with ballots arrived at the counting facility. According to Sitto, Mr. Baxter even helped deliver the ballots from the van to tables where they were laid out in the center of the room. Sitto explains that after the ballots were delivered, Mr. Baxter took the microphone where he would speak to the workers from a platform in the middle of the room, where he made a jubilant announcement about the massive delivery of ballots to the election workers, saying: “This is what democracy looks like!”


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