After 3 hours of listening to far-left activists lying about what happened at the TCF Center and calling the Republican board members “racists,” Michigan’s Board of Canvassers has voted to certify Michigan’s vote. One spineless Republican, Aaron Van Langevelde, voted yes, while the other, Norm Shinkle said he would abstain from the vote.

Detroit News reporter Melissa Nann Burke explained in two tweets: Shinkle won’t vote for certification, saying there needs to be legislative fixes to Michigan’s elections. “Numerous questions have been raised and maybe legitimate.” But he says board lacks the resources and authority potentially to get to the bottom of most of the issues.

Other GOP canvasser, Norm Shinkle, is now speaking. He says that it’s “unacceptable” that so many questions have been raised about the 2020 election in Michigan, calling it a “national embarrassment.”

After being on the zoom call waiting for my turn to speak for over 4 straight hours, it should be pointed out that NOT ONE Republican has been chosen to speak. Former Senator Patrick Colbeck was the only Republican who was allowed to address the board before their vote. (We aren’t counting the Trump-hating fake Republican Mr. Timmer).

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Only moments before the vote, Randi Mayem Singer, a Hollywood screenwriter attempted to dox and threaten Norm Shinkle telling her followers to “Make him famous,” including Norm’s phone number.

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