Over 2,000 GOP delegates and alternates gathered together today in Grand Rapids, MI, to cast critical votes for the next Republican Secretary of State and Attorney General candidates for the upcoming general election in November 2022. Both races were highly contentious, with two Trump-endorsed, grassroots election integrity candidates, Kristina Karamo for SOS and Constitutional Attorney Matt DePerno. Karamo and DePerno ran against career politicians who were mostly silent about voter fraud in Michigan until the final weeks leading up to the convention when polling revealed that addressing voter fraud was a top priority for Republicans in Michigan.

Kristina Karamo watches the election results being posted in real-time.

President Trump was so committed to helping his endorsed candidates win their races that he made a special trip to Washington, Mi, where he hosted a massive rally and called on delegates to vote for them today at the state convention.

Kristina, who had a chance to greet the crowd before Trump arrived at the venue, brought down the house with a speech so powerful that many of the people in attendance were seen wiping their eyes when she was finished. Voters who had never seen Kristina speak were stunned. As she walked off the stage, it was clear to everyone that we were witnessing the birth of a rock star in the Republican Party.

Watch the video below to see Kristina’s speech. Michigan’s dishonest, Soros-funded Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson was so fearful of the incredible response Karama received at Trump’s rally that she shared a nasty attack on Kristina, comparing her to a common criminal, with her followers on Twitter.

“We wouldn’t put an arsonist in charge of the fire department. We wouldn’t give a bank robber the key to the vault. So lets stop election deniers – who might refuse to certify accurate election results they disagree with – from taking over our democracy” Benson wrote.

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I responded in kind…

LOL @JocelynBenson

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MI put a LIAR and CHEAT in charge of our elections in 2020. With over 40% of Americans believing the 2020 election was stolen, you have ZERO chance of defeating MI’s next HONEST SOS

Not surprisingly, Kristina Karamo, who got 1344 votes,  emerged victorious in her bid to become the next GOP candidate for SOS in Michigan. Her next closest competitor, a sitting MI State Representative Beau LeFave, got 390 votes, and Cindy Berry, a Macomb Co. city clerk got 267 votes.

MIGOP Grassroots Vice Chair Marian Sheridan stands with Kristina Karamo moments after realizing she just won the nomination by a landslide.


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