As a parent of students who attend school in Michigan, this kind of anti-American nonsense doesn’t surprise me in the least. Sadly, it’s not just our colleges, like the leftist, “safe space”, snowflake University of Michigan we have to be worried about, this type of anti-Americanism exists at every level of education, starting with kindergarten. Parents need to get involved in their kids education and stay involved! These educators have an agenda and its up to the parents to put an end to it. No one else is going to do it for you…

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – Parents are raging after a Detroit area school district sent a packet to parents that lists the U.S. flag among items banned by the school dress code.

“A student’s dress should not interfere with the learning environment,” Roseville Community School officials wrote. “The following are prohibited:”

The items include the typical slippers and sagging pants, spaghetti straps and bare midriff tops, but between “Hats or head gear” and “Low cut shirts,” the letter lists “U.S. Flag.”

Parents and others raged on Facebook Thursday. Here is a picture of the post by Facebook user and parent “Heather Marie“:

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It didn’t take long for school officials to clarify the “error.”

“An informational packet was mailed out this week with an error,” according to a statement on the Roseville Community Schools website. “We apologize for the incorrect statement that was in reference to the US Flag. The statement that was published should have specified that the flag should not be worn in a demeaning manner. –EAG News

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Here’s a screen shot of the “corrected” packet:

The fact that Roseville Schools removed “U.S.” before the word “flag” from their corrected list of “Prohibited Apparel” is especially interesting. In fact, the words they replaced “U.S. flag” are so different, that many of the parents in Roseville think the school is just trying to cover their tracks.

Here are a few of the comments under Heather Marie’s post that got over 4K shares:

“After 1.8k plus shares, Fox 2 news, and channel 4 news the school has said that it was “a misprint” and they are able to wear the flag as long as it is not in a demeaning way. They said they took a short cut in printing the books, in all reality they were more than likely thinking no one was even going to read it. Anyways, I’m happy that it has been fixed. Now I don’t have to go and get all flag shirts and iron flags on the inside of them so they still show when they make them flip the shirt inside out for my 3 kiddos LMAO.”  

“When letters get made and sent home before they make copies they proofread them several times. This is no accident they just realized that they have offended a lot of people and now want to try to fix their mistakes.”

“You go mama bear!”

“I agree parents should come together on that after all we are in the USA and it is our country I totally disagree with that…. as a Roseville parent and a parent in the USA I proudly support the flag.”

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