An Ada Township precinct ran out of ballots on Tuesday afternoon. Why in the world would a precinct be so unprepared for Election Day that they would run out of ballots by noon?

Not only did Ada Townships’ 5th District run out of ballots and were forced to use absentee ballots while waiting for more ballots to arrive, but they also ran out of absentee ballots!

GOP Congressional candidate John Gibbs

But that’s not all; the majority Republican Township is critical to Trump-endorsed US Congressional candidate John Gibbs who beat RINO Peter Meijer in the primary election in what used to be a solidly red district and is now running in the redistricted that leans Democrat.

WZZM13 reports – Voters were told the precinct was out of ballots, and they would have to come back in an hour, but a line formed outside the building.

People who reached out to 13 ON YOUR SIDE were concerned for voters who don’t have a chance to come back and cast their ballot because of this.

Dale McCrae, the chairperson for Precinct 4, says his team used different methods to make sure residents still got to cast their votes.

McCrae said precinct officials were able to use absentee ballots for in-person voters for a short period of time, but they ran out of those as well. In the meantime, residents used a voter-assist terminal, which is a touchscreen voting machine meant for handicapped voters.

McCrae and his team then got more ballots printed by the county and they were delivered shortly after.


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