A Florida Sheriff just got the best of Al Sharpton when he lashed out with his stern message. He spoke with a rather calm demeanor, but he meant every word he said when Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said that Al Sharpton should “go back to New York” and mind his own business. This was taking place after Sharpton was visiting Clearwater to talk about the shooting of Markeis McGlockton, a man who was shot after he allegedly attacked another man, who then pulled a gun and shot him.

Al Sharpton typically seems to show up whenever something happens that may, or may not be, race related. Sharpton’s gig seems to be hawking on people who are different races when they’re involved in an alleged crime, and most likely taking opportunistic advantage of people to make money running his mouth.

This Sheriff wasn’t having it and he let Sharpton know exactly where he can take his race-baiting rhetoric, and that was all the way back up north to New York. The stern words were caught on video for all to see.

The Tampa Bay Times article stated:
“It’s a bunch of rhetoric. I don’t pay much attention to it to tell you the truth,” the sheriff said when asked for his reaction to Sharpton’s appearance at the end of an unrelated news conference in St. Petersburg. “I wasn’t there, and I don’t really care what Al Sharpton has to say. Go back to New York. Mind your own business.”

Sharpton was met by hundreds of people Sunday during his stop at St. John Primitive Baptist Church in Clearwater as he pressed local leaders to file charges against Michael Drejka, the white man who shot McGlockton, who is black, during a fight over a convenience store parking space July 19.

Gualtieri did not arrest Drejka, saying he was precluded by Florida’s controversial stand your ground self-defense law. The Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney’s office is now reviewing the case to decide whether to press charges.

“If you got to the scene, Mr. Sheriff, and Markeis had been standing over the white man, you would have cuffed him and taken him in jail,” Sharpton said during the rally. “(Drejka) killed an unarmed black man who was standing up for his family. Lock him up, or give up your badge.”

When reached Monday, a spokeswoman for Sharpton sent a statement comparing Gualtieri’s comments to “those of sheriffs out of the 1960s that used to call civil rights leaders invited in by victims, ‘outside agitators.’”

If anything, Sharpton is nothing but an agitator and a distraction who probably makes money taking advantage of people in dire situations. It’s a shame that people even call him when all he does is….. well, I’m not even sure what he does because everytime I see Sharpton it’s because he’s doing something that people are annoyed with. There’s also a lot of chatter about Sharpton and his taxes, but that’s another story for another day.

The shooting in question can be seen on this video:

The Tampa Bay Times continued:
“I came at the invitation of the family and literally thousands of people in his county,” it continued. “Additionally, five candidates for governor joined me because he did not take care of his business. It would not be necessary for me to do so if he took care of his own, and until he does I will keep coming to Clearwater.”

The sheriff, who is white, was also asked about the candidates’ appearances during the news conference, to which he answered they were “politicking.”

“The facts and the law matter,” he said. “Learn the facts and learn the law and then you can opine … but you get in politics, that’s what you’re going to get.”

That’s right! Facts first, nothing else matters. If the man in the video who shot the other man is not guilty of a crime, because he protected himself, then so be it. Maybe the real answer is that we start treating each other better and we don’t allow bullies to push us around.

What would you do if some man came out of a store and pushed you on the ground?


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