Michael Avenatti just got demolished by the Senate Judiciary when he tried shaming Chuck Grassley by asking/suggesting that Grassley never went to law school, then accidentally exposed Dianne Feinstein for the same thing upon the Senate Judiciary’s response. The Senate Judiciary response basically crushed the lawyer known for representing Stormy Daniels and Julie Swetnick, then pointed out the major hypocrisy in his question by reminding him of Dianne Feinstein’s education.

Here’s what happened.

Avenatti said:

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“Am I correct that @ChuckGrassley never attended law school? How is it possible that the Senate Judiciary Comm Chairman has no legal experience? No wonder he doesn’t understand issues like “perjury,” FBI investigations, and which clients I have represented over the last 18 yrs.”

Senate Judiciary responded with:

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“The Iowa farmer beat the all-time record for most circuit court nominees confirmed in a single Congress – and that’s on top of two Supreme Court Justices.

And FYI, Chairman @ChuckGrassley went to the same law school Ranking Member @SenFeinstein attended.”

So what law school is that?

The answer is none. Avenatti was correct, but by trying to shame Grassley, he accidentally shamed Feinstein in the process.

Feinstein didn’t attend law school and neither did Grassley. He was just an Iowa farmer going to school for his Phd before he ended up leading the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Back in 2016 the Wall Street Journal released an article titled Senate Judiciary Committee To Be Led by Non-Lawyers, which talks about it further and how the SJC was not going to be led by a full panel of attorneys.

Grassley’s education is listed as: “B.A. 1955, M.A. 1956 Political Science, University of Northern Iowa; Ph.D. work, University of Iowa”

Feinstein’s education is listed as “graduated from Convent of the Sacred Heart High School, San Francisco in 1951 and from Stanford University in 1955 with a Bachelor of Arts in History.”

Avenatti’s education is that he “graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia with a major in Political Science. He subsequently attended law school at George Washington University.”

In my opinion, I believe Avenatti is starving for attention and fighting to stay relevant, keeping his name in headlines and active on social media. While it would be wise for a guy like him to keep his name branded in the media, one has to wonder if he’s gaining the right type of press. They say all press is good press, but maybe that’s different if you’re an attorney.

Will the time he spends on social media help or hurt him in regards to finding new clients? Too early to tell.

Did Julie Swetnick being non-credible as an accuser to Kavanaugh hurt his career? That is unknown.

Did representation of Stormy Daniels put a dent in Avenatti’s ability to find more clients? I have no idea.

I don’t know if representing Stormy Daniels who was a no-name performer in the adult industry and some ditzy Julie Swetnick who ruined her own interview when asked about Brett Kavanaugh is much of an accomplishment. And let’s not even bring up Julie Swetnick’s ex-boyfriend or the fact that Swetnick backtracked on her Kavanaugh story, because those are entirely different stories saved for another day, and let’s just say – it’s about as hilarious as his other client is promiscuous.

I spent a few moments on his Twitter account and it was like watching grass grow while inhaling laughing gas.

Every time I see him post something, I just start laughing because the replies to his messages are often hilarious.

Whatever is next for Avenatti, then good luck.

Just remember, anyone can be clever on the Internet and you don’t need a fancy degree to be an Internet legend.

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