Michael Flynn’s Defense Attorney Sidney Powell appeared with Lou Dobbs to discuss the motion to dismiss the Flynn case and to discuss Judge Sullivan’s outrageous resistance to dismiss. Powell has a steely stare throughout the interview with a tone pf dogged determination to get this case dismissed. She’s had enough of the shenanigans with the rogue judges and dirty cops.

“What I find particularly outrageous now is the failure of the district court to grant the government’s motion to dismiss and full acknowledgment of the fact that exculpatory material was withheld from the defense for all these years. I have no doubt there’s more exculpatory evidence out there. They may want to use that for other cases or other prosecutions, but at the very least our motion to dismiss should be granted and that’s why we filed the petition for writ of mandamus yesterday to ask the DC Circuit to instruct judge Sullivan to grant it or to give us another district court judge who can follow the law.”


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