Leftist documentary maker, Michael Moore appeared on the Late Night Show with Seth Myers, where he touted his private discussion with Pope Francis, only two weeks ago.

Meyers asked Moore about his alleged meeting with Pope Francis while slapping a close up photo on his desk, of what appears to be the two of them engaged in a deep conversation, for the cameras to zoom in on.

Meyers started: Um, you met the Pope. Uh…that must’ve been pretty cool. What was your interaction with the pope like?

Moore responded: Um, I went to the weekly audience, and then he asked to speak to me privately. It was an amazing moment, and I asked if I could uh, ask him a question, and he said ‘yes’. and I said, ‘Do you believe that an economic system that benefits the few, the wealthy, at the expense of the many, is a sin?’ And he said to me, ‘si’, in Italian. And I said, ‘so you believe capitalism, the kind of capitalism we have now is a sin? And he said ‘yes, it is’ and then he said, ‘the poor must always come first’.

Moore then explained how he and Pope Francis ended their conversation: And then he grabbed my hand and said ‘Please pray for me’, and I said ‘I will’ and I said ‘please pray for me’, and he said ‘no, you have to make more movies’.

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Moore forced a laugh, and then told Meyers, “I just wanted a prayer.”

Funny stuff…

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Either Moore’s lying about his conversation with Pope Francis, or parishioners need to ask Pope Francis to explain the comments the comments he made to Moore. It would seem rather strange for the pope to make such a statement, given that our capitalist economic system has allowed citizens of the U.S., to become the most generous of any nation in the world.

Meyers interview with the anti-capitalist pig, Michael Moore, can be seen in its entirety below.

Seth Meyers attempts to tamper the excitement for the “blue wave”, saying he doesn’t want to predict the outcome of the midterm elections, because he doesn’t want to discourage leftists from coming out to vote. Moore then goes on to hilariously talk about how Democrats can’t strategize about how to win elections like Republicans, because “they are good at what they do” and that Republicans know that Democrats are “busy, and we’ve got other things to do”. LOL! Moore must have been referring to the busloads of “busy Democrats” who are literally shipped in to protest at every major GOP or Trump event, or the Occupy people who camped out in front of Wall Street for weeks on end with nowhere else to go, or the Antifa Democrats who always seem to be available when Democrats need a few skulls cracked to keep the Trump in line?

Moore also urges angry white American men to join him, and vote.




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