Documentary maker Michael Moore has an exit plan to escape the perils of Trump and run away to Canada if he faces too much trouble and drama after the release of his latest film, “Fahrenheit 11/9” which is released in theatres this Friday, September 21.

If you’ve heard Michael Moore’s name in the news anytime between now and 2016, then there’s a good chance it was him complaining about President Trump or his supporters. That’s typical for a progressive thinking Hollywood personality in 2018. They went from being full-time entertainers to being part-time celebrities and social justice warriors. It’s no wonder the Emmys ratings sank to a new low this week.

Moore’s documentary reportedly has so much politically charged footage that he’s stated that he’ll move to Canada if he faces too much persecution in the United States.

The reason he might face scrutiny from movie-goers is that he displays President Trump as a “geopolitical threat” and you just know how that’s going to end up.

As stated on CTV News, “(Trump) absolutely hates democracy, and he believes in the autocrat, in the authoritarian,” Moore said in a recent interview at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the film premiered earlier this month.

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“I want us to survive this, but I can’t make any guarantees that that’s what’s going to happen. We’re in a bad place. We’re on the precipice of some very awful stuff.”

A spiritual sequel to Moore’s box-office-busting 2004 documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11, “Fahrenheit 11/9″ is part political autopsy, part call to action. It offers Moore’s interpretation of the forces that led to Trump’s election in 2016, and puts forward grim predictions about where his presidency might be headed.”

It seems like Moore likely left out any and all positive aspects of Trump’s presidency. Things like record numbers in unemployment, the stock market, peace with North Korea, and exposing some very guilty and fraudulent activity within our own government.

If Trump was a Democrat doing the same things he’s doing now, then Moore would’ve made a documentary on him exposing the Deep State and draining the swamp.

But Moore doesn’t like Trump and Moore is a progressive. Since this isn’t Hillary, that means Moore has to go against Trump and speak or show ill vibes towards the president.

CTV News continued: “In doing so, Moore revisits hits from his cinematic catalogue of American societal ills and diagnoses new ones, cycling through issues ranging from the February school shooting that killed 17 people in Parkland, Fla., to the water crisis in his hometown of Flint, Mich.

As Moore sees it, there’s plenty of blame to go around for the current state of affairs. He argues that out-of-touch political leaders in both major U.S. parties, a sensationalist press corps, corrupt campaign-backers and elite entertainers — including himself — helped enable Trump’s ascent, which he believes could lead to America’s downfall.”

What kind of Kool-Aid is this man drinking?

Trump defeating all of those candidates to become president is what the American people voted for and wanted. That doesn’t symbolize the downfall of America, but rather the rising of the American people against the formal big government.

The people wanted a huge shakeup in government and we surely got it.

Obama wanted change, right?

Trump is the biggest change to the American government that we’ve ever seen.

Michael Moore would do better if he focused on the positive instead of being an anti-Trumper.

Maybe he should just buy those plane tickets now and hop over to Canada with Justin Trudeau.

They can sit on the couch for a while as Trump continues leading the country until 2024.

At least they can see it from television.

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