It is a rare day when I find myself agreeing with documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.

The left-wing film producer and thought leader recently issued a dire warning to his fellow liberals about President Trump.

Moore explained to Democrats and the left that “Donald Trump is smarter than us.”

He then went on to paint the former President as a slick character who can always get himself out of any situation and claimed that President Trump has a lengthy rap sheet that he has never answered for.

Now, this characterization I disagree with—the former President is unfairly targeted and maligned.

However, Moore’s conclusion is right on the money. President Trump is smarter than the collective left and their handlers in the administrative state.

Still, Moore’s comments are entertaining, if anything. Here’s what everyone is saying:

Newsweek provided a snapshot of Moore’s comments about President Trump:

“I know, I know, you’re calling the people to come find me, the guys in the white uniforms with the big net, and take me away.

‘Are you crazy? What do you mean he’s smarter than us?’”

Moore described the Republican politician as someone who has “been able to pull s*** off and get away with it” throughout his life, adding: “It is an amazing record.”

Previously, Michael Moore actually said some positive things about former President Trump, which came as a shock to anyone familiar with Moore’s traditional viewpoints.

The Huffington Post clarified:

Moore noted there are also ways where Trump “is quite dumber than us” before providing clarity on his “smarter than us” point.

“The only thing that can save us is ourselves,” he said. “We are going to have to mobilize.”


Michael Moore Flipped and Now Supporting Donald Trump?

I just saw an incredible video floating around online claiming Michael Moore had flip-flopped and is now supporting Donald Trump.

I’ll give you the FULL story down below but first I want you to watch this clip.

And as you do, understand one thing: yes, this is a real video.  It is not edited by AI.  I’ll give you the “rest” of the story down below, but first watch here:

Backup here:

Ok, so what’s going on here?

Has Michael Moore flipped?

Not exactly.

As Paul Harvey would say, “now the REST of the story….”

It turns out this clip is from Michael Moore’s 2016 documentary, “Michael Moore in TrumpLand.”

I know, you may not have recognized it just as I didn’t because we don’t tend to watch anything he puts out.

But I have to say, this clip was pretty incredible for 80% of the way through.  Spot on.

The comments say it all:

Longer clip here:

Now here’s the full story, from Grok:

In the 2016 documentary “Michael Moore in TrumpLand,” filmmaker Michael Moore shared a monologue in which he discussed Donald Trump’s potential appeal to certain voters. While some may have interpreted this as support for Trump, it is important to consider the broader context of the film and Moore’s political views.

In the full version of the monologue, Moore also expressed concerns about Trump’s presidency and suggested that Trump would not deliver on his promises to the working class. He compared Trump supporters to those who voted for Brexit in the United Kingdom, implying that they might regret their decision.

It is worth noting that Moore has been a vocal critic of Trump and his policies. In 2018, he released a documentary titled “Fahrenheit 11/9,” which was highly critical of the Trump administration.

In conclusion, while a portion of Michael Moore’s 2016 monologue may have appeared to show support for Donald Trump, the full context of the film and his subsequent actions suggest that he did not support Trump’s presidency.

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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