Michael Savage is 100% correct. If you think he’s crazy, take a stroll down memory lane to 2008 and watch Obama’s “troops” extoll the virtues of Obama and Obamacare…

Savage also weighed in on the recent violence in Israel, the Black Lives Matter movement, the open border policy in parts of Europe with regards to Muslim refugees, as well as GOP and Democratic races. This was an amazing interview!

The conservative radio host said the latest Iowa polls with Carson leading are due to “white guilt.”

Michael Savage: The only solution is a patriot who is nationalistic. That is Donald Trump.

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Steve Malzberg: You believe Donald Trump is the answer. Are you concerned, not only is he behind in three polls in Iowa but a New York Times-CBS poll today shows him, I think, four or five points behind Ben Carson nationally for the first time?

Michael Savage: The New York Times, CBS, Pravda means nothing. Do you think they interviewed one conservative voter? No. Polls don’t mean anything. In Iowa, as I say, God Bless Iowa, I’m on a big station in Iowa. The fact of the matter is Iowa is not America. Iowa is a very different place. If they are going to use their white guilt to elect a man simply because he’s an African-American who speaks really quietly, we’re in real trouble.

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Michael Savage went on to tell Steve that the Black Lives Matter movement is Obama’s shock troops.

Michael Savage: The establishment does not want Trump. The establishment would rather work with Hillary Clinton than with Donald Trump.

Steve Malzberg: Let me ask you quickly about the Black Lives Matter. We have another incident in a school in South Carolina… Now the FBI is investigating. Black Lives Matter they chant in the street. Put pigs in a blanket. Where the heck are we heading?

Michael Savage: The black lives matter movement, and I’m going to say it like it is, are Obama’s shock troops. They’re the brown shirts that Hitler had in Germany. How’s that? Does that work for you? Via: Gateway Pundit

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