Michelle Obama spoke at a rally in Las Vegas, encouraging people to vote in the midterm elections. She’s co-chair of the organization “When We All Vote.”

This speech is a perfect example of the dumbing down of America and shows just how desperate the Democrats are to get out the vote. It’s similar to Barack’s “take off your slippers” speech. They’re assuming that their base is lazy and dumb.

She doesn’t care if you know ‘nothin’ about nothin’ like she did at 18…

Michelle Obama tries to talk to the low information voters and fearmongers by saying “they’re” trying to take away your vote…Who is they?

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You know what you need to be qualified to vote? You need to be a citizen. You need to have opinions about the issues in your community. That’s what qualifies you to vote.”

“Don’t be intimidated, don’t let somebody intimidate you from being a part of this process.”

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“I’ve been voting since I was 18 years old and trust me I didn’t know nothing about nothing at 18 years old, right?

“But what you do know is what you care about. For all the young people, you do know you have a voice. You do have opinions about what goes on,  That qualifies you to vote.”

She talks about the “nastiness” of our politics. That’s funny because the left is at fault for all of the nastiness going on. Has she watched the news lately? Ted Cruz and his wife had to leave a restaurant because of unhinged leftists

The nastiness has come from people being assaulted just for wearing a MAGA hat or t-shirt.

How dare she claim that the nastiness in politics is coming from anywhere but th Democrats!

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