This morning, the Fiat-Chrysler auto worker that got an earful from Joe Biden yesterday spoke out on Fox & Friends to say the exchange was “disturbing.”

Biden was campaigning on the floor of a Fiat-Chrysler plant in Detroit, Michigan, when Jerry Wayne confronted Biden (see video below) on the candidate’s past statements about gun confiscation.

After Wayne asked a question about gun rights, Biden responded by saying Wayne is “full of shit.” When Wayne stood his ground, Biden got even more confrontational. Here’s what Wayne said about the confrontation:

“I thought I was pretty articulate and respectful. I didn’t try to raise any…any feathers. And he kind of just went off the deep end. I saw that he was digging a hole. And I just kind of let him talk for a while to dig the hole.”

Wayne went on to make a statement about gun rights that is spot-on:

“He doesn’t need to touch anybody’s weapon at all. What we need to do is, we need to concentrate on teaching people how to respect firearms and how to use them, not take them away.”

The video of the interaction went viral. Our previous report is below:

Earlier today, presidential candidate Joe Biden got into a heated argument with a worker at a Fiat-Chrysler plant in Michigan. The Michigan primary is today, and Biden was stumping this morning to gain votes from the auto workers. It was ugly, but the new close-up video is even uglier.

Watch below as Biden goes at it with the auto-worker but also shushes his assistant. He got angry at the worker when the worker said Biden was planning on taking guns away. Biden told the worker he’s full of sh*t. Then Biden kept sticking his finger in the worker’s face. Biden even threatened to take it outside.

He gaffes like crazy too when he mentions the “AR-14” and says his sons like to hunt. There is no “AR-14,” and he has one son.

The media is doing everything in their power to knock the Democrat Party’s communist candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders (VT), out of the race. Unfortunately, their only remaining hope is the confused, and many times, angry, 77-year-old Joe Biden.

Today, while campaigning in advance of the primary election in the must-win state of Michigan, Joe Biden visited an auto manufacturing plant in the Detroit area, an autoworker asked Joe Biden about his push for gun control. “You’re actively trying to end our Second Amendment right,” the worker told him.

The question triggered the angry Democrat, as Biden responded, “You’re full of shit!” as he tried to paint himself as an outdoor enthusiast. The auto-worker wasn’t buying Biden’s disrespectful response and called him out on a viral video where Biden can be seen saying he’s going to “take our guns away.”

Biden told the autoworker who appeared to know way more about guns than Biden, that he shouldn’t believe the video, calling it a “lie.” The auto worker, to his credit, persisted. Biden tried to argue his position on gun control, “Look, here’s the deal—Are you able to own a machine gun? The auto worker gave Joe a lesson on guns, explaining to him that machine guns are “illegal,” to which Biden responded, “That’s right, so are AR-15’s are illegal.”

The auto worker asked the uninformed Democrat presidential candidate, “How is that a machine gun, it’s a semi-automatic!” A confused Joe Biden, who was clearly in over his head on the gun rights argument, “No, it’s not,” he responded, screaming at the autoworker, “Do you need a hundred rounds!?” as union bosses tried to hustle Biden away.

The auto worker gives Biden one last lesson in guns, by sharing an actual fact with him, “There are more deaths with handguns than with what you call ‘assault weapons.’ Why are you advocating for the removal of the assault rifle and not handguns?” he asks, as Joe’s handlers hustle him away.

Watch the incredible exchange here:

In this video, tough guy Joe can be seen threatening to take the autoworker “outside,” as he refers to the AR-15 as an “AR-14.”

For purposes of clarity, here’s a recent video of Joe Biden making “clear” that Beto- O’Rourke, the Democrat Party’s most vocal gun control advocate, will “take care of the gun problem with him.” Biden’s so sure Beto will be a part of his gun control platform, he actually “guarantees” it at his recent Texas rally.

We’ll wait for Biden to call this video a “lie,” as well…



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