On Friday, Central Michigan University was the scene of a shooting that prompted a massive manhunt for a “19-year-old black male who is approx. 5 foot 9 inches tall” and further described as wearing mustard yellow jeans and a blue hoodie.

CMU police later confirm that the two individuals who were fatally shot at Campbell Hall on campus were the parents of the student.  The student had been admitted to the hospital the night before on a vague description of suspected drug abuse (more on that below). As good parents do, the student’s parents drove from Illinois to the college to see about their son. He was attending  CMU on a track scholarship.

The suspect, James Eric Davis, Jr. ,was apprehended after a massive manhunt. As reported by the Associated Press, he was arrested “without incident shortly after midnight following an intensive daylong search that included more than 100 police officers, some heavily armed in camouflage uniforms, authorities said.”

The AP reports:

Authorities found Davis after someone aboard a train spotted a person along railroad tracks in Mount Pleasant, where Central Michigan University is located, and called police, Yeagley said. Davis appeared to be hypothermic and “not making a lot of sense” when police arrested him, the chief said, and he was again being treated at a hospital on Saturday.

The shooting occurred on a day when parents were arriving to pick up students at the university about 70 miles (110 kilometers) north of Lansing for the beginning of a weeklong spring break.


Central Michigan University police Chief Bill Yeagley said Davis Jr. had come into a community police officer’s office a day prior at his dorm “very frightened” and “not making a lot of sense.”

 “He said someone was out to hurt him, someone was going to harm him, and the officer calmed him down and tried to gain more information about what was going on. … Mr. Davis was very vague and he kept talking about someone having a gun,” he said.


“The gun used in the shooting belonged to Davis’ father, James Davis, Sr.,” who is “a part-time police officer in the Chicago suburb of Bellwood.”

The manner in which Davis got a gun doesn’t follow the leftist narrative of restrictions and additional gun control measures. Let’s face it, they can only go so far in preventing gun homicides.


Twitter was abuzz on Friday during the lockdown on the campus with some students saying they wish they were armed. Other students wanted more gun control…


Daily Caller reports:

An analysis of thousands of gun control studies claims that just 63 of those studies found connections between more stringent gun control laws violent crime and suicide reductions.

The non-profit RAND corporation spent two years and $1 million on the analysis, searching for evidence of benefit from gun control policies. RAND’s analysis looked to establish connections between gun policies and rates of homicide, suicide, self-defense gun use, hunting, and other categories. The vast majority of those categories went unaffected by legislation, however, according to NPR.

“Most of the effects that we were looking for evidence on, we didn’t find any evidence,” Andrew Morral, who lead the analysis.





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