The local Detroit Free Press reports that an investigation was launched into voting results in Antrim County in northern Michigan. This could add several thousand votes to President Trump’s vote count in the state.

The vote count caught the attention of a former state lawmaker who noticed the results differed from the 2016 results that went heavily for President Trump. The results on Wednesday morning showed a huge lead for Biden by 3,000 votes, with 98% of the vote counted. In 2016, President Trump won the county by 62% over Hillary.

Antrim County Clerk said results on electronic tapes and a computer card were accurate. The problem is it appeared that some of the results were “somehow scrambled” after the cards were transported in sealed bags from township precincts to county offices and downloaded onto a computer.

The former state lawmaker described what he saw with the vote:

In some precincts, but not all, Biden and other Democratic candidates had far more votes than normal. It just looked weird. Two-thirds of the townships looked really messed up.”

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This could give President Trump a vote gain of 4,000 to 5,000.

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