In 2020, Project Veritas exposed Bernie Sanders campaign organizer Kyle Jurek, who has been involved in radical politics since at least 2018.  He has defiantly expressed his willingness to “go above and beyond what the law says is acceptable” to take out his opponents.

This includes calling for “violent reaction” against people he disagrees with as well as a “reign of terror,” a likely reference to a time during the French Revolution when people were oppressed and brutalized by a tyrannical central government that took their property and killed people for vague crimes.  It is perhaps most famous for popularizing the guillotine to kill perceived political opponents by the central government.

Some additional ‘mostly peaceful’ quotes from Kyle are as follows:

“We’re going to make 1978 [1968] look like a f–ing Girl Scout f–ing cookout,” said Jurek, referring to the clashes between police and protesters during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

“The cops are going to be the ones that are getting f–ing beaten in Milwaukee. They’re going to call out the National Guard for that s–t. I promise you that,” he added.

If Trump wins re-election in November, Jurek confirmed that he and his fellow radicals intend to burn the entire country down in a showing of anti-capitalist fury.

“F–ing cities burn,” Jurek said when asked what would happen if Trump were to win, “I mean, we don’t have a lot of time left, we have to save f–ing human civilization.”

“If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, or it goes to the second round at the DNC convention, f–ing Milwaukee will burn,” he said. “It’ll start in Milwaukee, and then when the police push back on that, other cities will just f–ing (explosion sound).”

Does this sound like a reasonable person to you?  Would you want him in your party? Would you want him deciding anything with respect to your governance?

Well, many in the Michigan Democrat Party (MDP) have welcomed him with open arms:

MIRS Reports:

“A former Bernie SANDERS organizer forced to leave his post in Iowa last year for incendiary comments made public through a Project Veritas expose is running for a post on the Michigan Democratic Party’s (MDP) State Central Committee, the party’s governing body.

Progressive organizer Kyle JUREK gained nationwide notoriety when he was caught on video saying, “cities will burn” if Sanders didn’t win the nomination and for suggesting violence in comments like “The only thing fascists understand is violence. So, the only way you can confront them is with violence.””

“He also advocated for the use of gulags for ‘re-education’ and that the country would have to ‘spend billions’ on re-education for people who are ‘Nazified.’

Jurek was also caught saying he’d walk into ‘MSNBC studios, drag those motherfuckers out by their hair and light them on fire in the streets.'”


Think this language is hyperbolic?  It sure is!  And, it is nearly identical language by numerous democrats, the media, more democrats, and the Biden DHS when referring to Trump Supporters, Conservatives and Libertarians and other free-thinking independents. This kind of thinking and action will become more and more mainstream within government faster than it already has been.

Now that Bernie has taken millions of dollars to melt into the establishment, buy another house, and go away, Jurek needs another platform from which he can dismantle America even faster.  And, the DMP may be more than happy to oblige:

“Originally from north of Flint, Jurek has returned to Michigan and is organizing progressives as part of the Michigan Solidarity slate, which is hoping to get a majority of members on the roughly 175-member governing board of the MDP.”

But, don’t worry.  Years of anti-American program and a clearly violent and unhinged disposition have all been wiped out since the Democrat party purchased Bernie Sanders:

“For his part, Jurek concedes that his past comments were “over the top,” but that a lot of his words were hyperbole taken out of context during nights out at the bar.

“Lots of things can be said after four shots of Jameson that we wouldn’t normally say,” Jurek said.

He said he doesn’t advocate for violence or any related conduct. Instead, he’s putting in a lot of work in helping the solidarity movement organize statewide and that’s where his focus is at this point.”

So, he lied?  Should we believe him when he is loose and honest, not knowing he is being recorded, or when he is running for office and giving an official statement?  Hmmmm…

“I feel like in Michigan and around the country, I have a lot of respect in progressive circles. What happened with Project Veritas was an unfortunate situation. We’re all familiar with it . . . I’m still fighting for progressive policies and values,” Jurek said.

Jurek, like most sociopaths and bullies, believes the that controversy surrounding him isn’t really anything related to him.  The problem isn’t Jurek’s mountain of anti-American, hateful, violent fantasies he has about killing his opponents by dragging them out by their hair and lighting them on fire that have been caught on video.  The problem is, of course, you:

“He added that he feels the conflict being generated about his candidacy is being driven by a limited number of activists with whom he’s clashed with in the past over issues unrelated to his Project Veritas piece.”

So, when will he get his latest post within the Democrat ranks and what do they think of an unhinged crank like Jurek?

“On Feb. 20, the MDP’s congressional delegations will elect members to the MDP’s Central Committee, the party’s governing body that oversees its direction.

The progressive movement, dissatisfied with the MDP’s lack of urgency on universal single-payer health care, criminal justice reform, electoral college abolishment, Green New Deal and immigration reform are renewing their call for political revolution in 2021.

A leader in the movement, Liano SHARON, recently elected to the Democratic National Committee, is pushing for a majority of seats on the Central Committee through a solidarity slate that is based on a bottom-up movement of diverse grassroots voices. He’d also like to see structural changes in the party structure.

Over the past two years, the reliable progressive voices on the Central Committee is projected at around 40 to 60. As part of the recruitment effort for this slate, Jurek was tapped.

“I understand and agree with the criticism, but in my opinion, he has served his time. He’s been punished. How long are we to shun him for it? At some point, people need to be allowed to move on from their mistakes. I think it’s been long enough. Others may have a different opinion, and I respect that,” Sharon said, although it should be noted that Jurek was not charged criminally.

“In any case, he’s not running for the State Central Committee. He’s running in the MISolidarity primary for the SCC. The people of his district will decide if he’s served long enough.”


So, at least one leader in the party thinks his rhetoric is A-OK and that his ‘time served’–whatever that means since absolutely no meaningful punishment has been leveled against him–has been torturous enough for the poor maniacal lunatic.

Some, however, don’t agree:

“The former chair of the Michigan Progressive Caucus, Bridget HUFF, however, said in criminal law, incitement is the encouragement of another person to commit a crime, which she sees here.

“As a progressive who firmly believes our platform and causes are necessary for the safety and dignity of all, I cannot stand by while excuses are made for the incitement of violence, misogyny, and outright calls to commit murder that we have all witnessed from Kyle Jurek,” Huff said.

“This isn’t personal. I say the same and fight for accountability equally, be it Republicans, Democrats or Qanon cultists calling to murder the free press and any who resist their ‘revolution.”

MDP member Katelyn KIVEL, also a journalist for The ‘Gander news outlet, said she was troubled enough by Jurek’s comments, particularly about journalists, to bring it to the attention of MDP leadership.

“I see a very, very compelling argument that the things this individual has said does not comport with the MDP Code of Conduct,” Kivel said, adding that if Jurek were serious about burning journalists, she would “not be interested in participating in this program.”

Did you catch that?  It is not entirely reprehensibly to promote the murder of ideological opponents, according to this person in this report.  Inciting murder is only unacceptable if directed at pure and anointed leftist journalists in the mainstream media.

“She also added that if, as an organization, the MDP is going to call out unacceptable behavior from people on one side of the aisle, ‘we have to hold that same standard to our friends.'”

So, while some Democrats can’t officially openly endorse Jurek, many of them may still consider Kyle Jurek a great friend of the party.

Good friends are usually people with whom you agree on some fundamental basis of societal existence.  These people don’t have a problem calling Kyle Jurek a friend of the Democrat party.  It is only his language that prevents them from endorsing him

Ponder that for a while.

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