Michigan RINO State Rep. Matt Hall is a clown.

Instead of fighting back against a radical far-left majority in the House, the newly elected “Republican” House Minority leader is crawling across the aisle in a desperate attempt to hold on to power, hoping that if he grovels to the Democrats who have taken control of both the House and the Senate in Michigan for the first time in 40 years, they will like him.

After 40 years, Democrats took control of the House and Senate in Michigan in the November 2022 election. For four decades, Democrats like former Senator Gretchen Whitmer fought the Republican majority tooth and nail on almost every piece of legislation. Now, when it’s time for the Republicans to stop the Democrats from transforming the state of Michigan into California, the newly elected House Minority leader is more concerned with punishing conservatives from his own party than fighting back against the radical agenda of Michigan Democrat lawmakers.

In 2012, there was an attempted Democrat-led coup outside the MI Capitol building. The media mostly ignored it. A massive angry mob can be seen shouting, “Let us in, let us in!” The video shifts to then-Senator Whitmer, standing on an elevated platform with a microphone in hand as she incites the angry mob, “We’re gonna fight, are you?” she shouts. Meanwhile, threats and violence against proponents of the bill continue outside while Whitmer’s footsoldiers demean and intimidate law enforcement outside of the Capitol, shouting, “The police are the army of the rich!”

The 2012 Democrat-Union-led coup attempt of the MI State Capitol.

Protestors confront police outside the George Romney Building in Lansing, Mich., Tuesday, December 11, 2012. (Chris Clark | MLive.com)

Once the protesters breached the Capitol building, the collective mob of angry protesters filled the corridors, loudly chanting, “Shut it down! Shut it down!” Whitmer, who has embedded herself with the angry mob inside of the Capitol building where her colleagues were working, can be seen giving a shout-out to race-baiter–for-hire Jesse Jackson as she attempts to inject race into the issue. “This is a social justice issue!” Whitmer shouts while pointing her finger angrily at the sky.

After 40 years of abuse and disrespect, the term-limited RINO Matt Hall asked Republicans to reach across the aisle yesterday and cast their vote for Joe Tate for MI House Speaker.

Michigan is a red state. If some of the outstanding independent election integrity groups can find a fair judge to consider their evidence, it would end massive absentee ballot voter fraud. Republicans could, once again, win the majority in the Michigan House and Senate and take back the AG, SOS, and Governor offices.

Hall, the former House Oversight Committee Chair, who is popular with the left-of-center lawmakers and lobbyists  in Michigan, had an opportunity to expose voter fraud in 2020. But Hall failed Michigan citizens when after listening to hours of credible testimony from 2020 election poll challengers and even a whistleblower who worked in Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey’s office, he ignored the evidence of election fraud and abuse of poll challengers in favor of appeasing Democrats and middle-of-the-road Republicans who wanted to avoid the controversy.

House Minority Leader Matt Hall, R-Kalamazoo, addresses members on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives. (Courtesy Photo, Michigan House Republican photographer Mike Quillinan).

Only three months ago, the newly elected Democrat Speaker Joe Tate whined about Republican leadership refusing to investigate the very popular conservative MI State Rep Matt Maddock, who accompanied his wife to Washington DC on January 6 to hear President Trump speak at the Stop the Steal rally. The Maddocks returned to their hotel room immediately after Trump’s speech and were nowhere near the Capitol during the so-called “insurrection.”

The petty Democrat Rep. Joe Tate, who’s allowed Michigan’s most conservative lawmaker Matt Maddock to live rent-free in his head, wasted no time punishing Maddock and his fellow conservative lawmakers who refused to listen to RINO Matt Hall and cast their vote against him for speaker.

Only two of the eight Republicans (F0x and Carra) who voted against Tate for speaker were given committee positions. According to a reliable source, MI House members typically get between 3-5 positions on committees.

It would appear that the newly elected Democrat leader of the House isn’t wasting any time using his power to punish his political enemies.

Meanwhile, the feckless “Republican” leader of the MI State House is confident that cozying up to radical Democrats while warning conservative lawmakers like Rep. Matt Maddock to moderate his conservative position or pay the price, told MLive he is excited to be working under the petty Democrat Speaker Joe Tate.

“We’re starting out in a really good tone which, truthfully, if you look at some of the past leaders, that’s not always been the case … And with this prior history of working with Joe Tate, he and I have started in a much more collaborative and trusting way than any of these (previous) leaders did,” Hall said.

Here’s what Hall had to say about Michigan’s most conservative lawmaker Matt Maddock, who he worked to have kicked out of caucus last year over his conservative views:

When asked about Maddock returning to the caucus, Hall said he was hopeful the third-term lawmaker had learned from his past mistakes and that he’d be somebody “who will work together with us to make life better for the people in Michigan.” 

Someone needs to tell the newly elected House Minority Leader what happens when you try to cozy up to the enemy.


How long will Michigan Republicans allow Matt Hall to punish conservative lawmakers who have the courage to stand up to the far-left lawmakers in Lansing?  Will Matt Hall meet the same fate as Liz Cheney?


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