Last year, a man in Macomb County committed a gruesome murder against a news anchor before going on to attack his girlfriend and children.

The murderer, 55-year-old Arthur Williams, went to the home of Michigan journalist Jim Matthews, who’s long-term girlfriend he knew in the past.

Williams started smoking crack in their house and became enraged after Matthew’s girlfriend, Nichole Guertin, would not commit sex acts with him.

He assaulted Guertin with a deadly weapon, slashing her throat and tying her wrists, and then assailed the children in the household, brutally beating them before locking them in a closet.

When Matthews returned home to the disturbing scene, Williams set on him, stabbing him and bludgeoning him with a hammer, which led to his death.


Macomb County Circuit Court Judge James Biernat sentenced Williams to life in prison a year after the horrific scene occurred.

Before the sentencing, family members read victim impact statements, with one of the children saying that they hated him “for what you did to me and my family.”

“You ruined all of our lives. … You put me and my mom and my sister through hours of hell. …You are evil. You left me with trauma. We didn’t deserve what you did,” the boy wrote.

Biernat did not hold back on Williams either during his sentencing, calling him a ‘pedophile’ and a ‘murderer’ and saying that he should have killed himself instead of brutalizing innocent people.

The New York Post Reports

A Michigan judge ripped into a killer who brutally murdered a news radio anchor and attacked the victim’s young children last year, telling the perp he should have just killed himself instead of wreaking havoc on the family.

Arthur Williams, 55, was given the scathing tongue-lashing on Thursday just before the judge sentenced him to life in prison over Jim Matthews’ slaying and the attack on his family near Detroit last September.

“You’re a pedophile, you’re a murderer and you’re the embodiment of evil,” Macomb County Circuit Court Judge James Biernat said, according to The Detroit News.

“The only thing that’s amazing is you didn’t kill all of them.”

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