A Michigan library lost almost all of its funding earlier this week when its millage failed by a large margin after it refused to get rid of radical LGBTQ books.

Residents and community activists from across the town said that the primary reason they refused to vote for the millage was because of the library’s inclusion of woke books in its collection.

Roughly 90% of the library’s funding comes from the millage, which was set to renew this year.

The library will now have to seek outside funding to survive or shut down next year after it runs out of money.

Conservative groups celebrated the victory while left-wing activist groups like the American Civil Liberties Union commended the library for refusing to get rid of the lewd books.


Nathan Triplett, president of the Michigan chapter of the ACLU said it was a ‘credit’ to the library that they didn’t give in to conservative activists demands.

The Epoch Times Reports

After a battle over LGBT-themed books with explicit illustrations, residents of Jamestown Township, Michigan, overwhelmingly voted to not renew a property tax millage that has helped fund their public library.

Over 60 percent of Jamestown voters voted “no” on Tuesday to a 10-year millage renewal and increase for the local Patmos Library. Some 3,000 people, representing a third of the township’s population, participated in the election.

The bulk of the library’s $245,000 annual budget comes from the now-defeated millage, which means that according to library board president Larry Walton, Patmos will run out of money in early 2023. It also means that residents won’t have their property taxes raised by $24.

Walton told Bridge Michigan that he “wasn’t expecting” the battle over graphic LGBT-themed books to end this way, saying it was “very disappointing” for people to be “short-sighted” in closing down the library over those materials.

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