Early in the Michigan primary race, President Trump saw something special in Tudor Dixon. On February 2, 2021, while introducing her at a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser, President Trump mentioned Tudor’s dad and how she was a very successful salesperson in his steel company for 12 years. Dixon’s work in the steel industry in Michigan has given her a unique perspective on the importance of manufacturing.

In a state where manufacturing is king, Ford Motor Company, one of the top manufacturers in the state, announced in September 2021 that they would be building new mega twin $11.4 billion battery plants in TN and KY. The twin plants will create an estimated 11,000 jobs. When Michigan’s derelict Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer was asked about the plans by Ford, headquartered in Michigan, to move their manufacturing to other states, she responded that she was unaware of their plans. She blamed other people for her disastrous failure to secure the much-needed revenue and jobs for Michigan.

Dixon won the primary election in Michigan after Trump gave his highly coveted endorsement to her only days before voters went to the polls. Dixon’s popularity has exploded in Michigan since voters chose her to become their next Republican governor candidate.

Last night, Dixon destroyed America’s most radical governor in their first debate.

Michigan’s dirty Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer has out-raised the mother-of-four and fierce defender of families, GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon 28-1. With over $32 million in her campaign coffers, it almost seems like an impossible battle, but the truth is, Michigan residents still remember the unnecessary pain Gretchen Whitmer inflicted on them during the COVID lockdowns when they were being told they couldn’t travel to their homes in northern MI or buy seeds or baby car seats in stores.

Michigan was home to the world’s FIRST-EVER lockdown protest. Michigan GOP co-chair Meshawn Maddock was one of the organizers behind Michigan Conservative Coalition’s “Operation Gridlock,” which brought over 15,000 vehicles to the capitol city of Lansing, MI. Cement trucks, landscaping trucks, construction trucks, and food trucks came to Lansing to protest the shutdown of their businesses and make their voices heard.  Instead of listening to her constituents, MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer mocked them and criticized them for taking part in a rally that ignited a spark in millions of people around the world who started to protest authoritarian lockdowns by leaders like Canada’s iron-fisted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

A view from above the Lansing Capitol building during “Operation Gridlock.”

In this first segment from the Wood TV hosted debate, Tudor Dixon absolutely slayed MI Gov. Gretchen Whitmer over intentionally sending COVID-positive patients into nursing homes.  She reminded everyone about the illegal payout Whitmer gave to her head of Health and Human Services, who left his office in the middle of the pandemic.

“I want to remind you that she has vetoed more bills than any governor in the last 70 years,” Dixon said of Whitmer, telling voters not to be deceived by her “bi-partisan” lies. Tudor reminded everyone of how the MI Supreme Court had to step in and stop Whitmer from inflicting unimaginable pain on students, nursing home residents, business owners, and workers in Michigan during her iron-fisted handling of the COVID pandemic in MI. “This is a woman who had to have her ‘powers’ removed by the Supreme Court,” the mother of four told viewers.

In this segment, Dixon exposed Whitmer, who, along with Michigan’s unhinged AG Dana Nessel, has strongly advocated for the shutdown of the critical Line 5 gasoline in Michigan. The shutdown of Line 5 would absolutely devastate citizens in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and raise gas prices for all Michigan residents amid a serious recession. Ms. Dixon rightly points out that Whitmer’s only goal in shutting down the essential pipeline is to appease her radical leftist friends who are trying to force Michigan citizens into abandoning their gas-powered vehicles in favor of electric cars.

Dixon has unashamedly has assumed the role of “mama bear” on behalf of the millions of parents and grandparents in Michigan who have been left stunned by the decline of education in Michigan under Gretchen Whitmer, and by the underhanded efforts by educators and leftist administrators to indoctrinate our children with their radical and dangerous sex and gender policies.

“That’s what happens when you hire a radical politician,” the “common sense” and “family-friendly” Dixon warned.

Dixon’s genuine concern for her children is catapulting her in the most recent polls. In a race where the campaign funding couldn’t be more lopsided, Dixon’s appeal as a “mama-bear” is drawing a lot of attention from voters who are frightened about their children’s future and about the future of education in Michigan.

Tudor Dixon is a mother of four beautiful young girls.

In June, Tudor Dixon, who has consistently defended law enforcement, was endorsed by the Police Officers Association of Michigan; the association represents more than 12,000 law enforcement employees across the state. Twenty-two bipartisan county sheriffs have also endorsed Dixon.

In April 2020, when no one was really paying much attention to the candidates, Tudor Dixon did something quite remarkable, she defended law enforcement officers when the careers of politicians and candidates were being destroyed for even suggesting they support law enforcement over the criminal in a situation that involved the death of a black male.

Dixon appeared on Detroit’s Fox 2 “Let it Rip” show to discuss the April 13 release of a video showing the tragic shooting death of 26-year-old Patrick Lyoya, a black male who was shot by a white Grand Rapids, MI police officer on April 4.

Fox 2’s “Let it Rip” host Charlie Langton and GOP candidate for MI governor Tudor Dixon.

Fox 2’s “Let it Rip” show has a reputation for inviting 2-3 guests with liberal viewpoints to join their leftist hosts to attack the views of a lone conservative. Anytime a conservative appears on the mob mentality show, they are to be commended for their courage. Today, we commend GOP candidate for governor Tudor Dixon, for her courage, for facing the mini-mob of “Let it Rip” hosts Roop Raj and Charlie (fake conservative), Langton, for her fearless defense of the unnamed Grand Rapids Police officer.

Let it Rip host Roop Raj began his segment by informing their audience that a 26-year-old unarmed man was shot dead by the Grand Rapids Police officer. He then asked Dixon why she believed he wasn’t armed.

“I would argue that he wasn’t unarmed,” Dixon told Raj, adding, “He had taken the police officer’s taser. For a minute, the police officer asked him to drop the taser—demanded he drop the taser. He refused to do that—he’s struggling—that police officer was at the moment where he knew his life was in danger.”

“Why not wait—-for the investigation to continue? Why just jump in a day after the video comes out? ” Raj asked.

“Why do we continually glorify criminals and criminalize the police? Why are we saying the police officer was wrong right off the bat? This is a new thing that has happened in the last few years, where we criminalize our police. We struggle to get police officers to get into our departments today. And police don’t want to be in these police departments because of these very things. Because when there’s an incident like this, he is immediately criminalized,” Dixon told the leftist hosts.

Let it Rip host Charlie Langton asked Dixon why the Grand Rapids Police officer didn’t just let him run away.

Perhaps Charlie forgot to watch the video before he appeared on the leftist mob show <insert eyeball roll here>. The police officer was engaged in a wrestling match with Lyoya, who began to fight with the police and then took his taser. “If that officer is tased and he grabs his gun—what is the next step there?” Dixon asked.

Dixon then slammed the media for their part in criminalizing the police officer with their knee-jerk reactions that usually result in an attack on the police officer in these racially charged incidents. “I think it’s not gonna help that the media comes out right away and criminalizes the police officer,” she said.

“If it had gone the other way and the police officer were the one that was dead today—would we be talking about it?” she asked.


“What needed to happen is he needed to obey what the police officer said,” Dixon explained.


Here is the link to Tudor Dixon’s campaign website: TudorDixon.com

Anytime a life is lost, it’s a tragedy. Whether it’s a baby being ripped limb-by-limb from the womb where God placed it, or a person involved in an altercation with a police officer that leads to the death of the police officer or the person being confronted by the police—it’s a horrible tragedy.

Governor Whitmer, who had marched with cop-hating BLM during the pandemic when the rest of the state wasn’t allowed to meet in large groups, admitted she supports the “spirit” of defunding the police. Now that crime is skyrocketing in MI, and she is being blamed, Whitmer has changed her tune, saying she now wants to “invest” in police departments, but unfortunately, for “Big Gretch,” the internet is forever…


Whitmer is a bald-faced liar who has been caught in multiple lies throughout her campaign, especially during the COVID pandemic when citizens needed her leadership most. Instead of helping citizens during the pandemic, she was rehearsing for the role of Joe Biden’s VP. She didn’t get that role because she had the wrong skin color, but it’s been rumored that Whitmer has turned her sights on the presidency in 2024 and that getting re-elected would only be a stepping stone for her next political move.

Whitmer has been a failure on every level, and she needs to be replaced. Go to Tudor’s website HERE.

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