A man working for a Michigan public school district who promotes LGBT causes was arrested for allegedly meeting a minor for sex

41-year-old Eric Rohman, an employee of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan’s public school district was caught up in a sting operation, along with two other child predators, and has been arrested for attempting to meet a minor for sex using the internet.

Eric Rohman

Rohman has previously spoken at school board events where he maniacally mocked parents for their social values and their desire to protect their children from grooming and immorality.

He can be seen in the above video proudly presenting himself as a member of the “LGBTQIA” community and creepily discussing how proud and privileged he is to be able to work with children.

“[The children] are so hungry for knowledge that despite your wishes, your interests, your values, they will learn on their own.”

“So many o your children are hurting, questioning, struggling in this world that we have created. They are simultaneously being taught to celebrate and to hate who they are, I can’t deny that. Every day. Ultimately, they will become who they will become with or without us. Give them the  chance, the grace, and the support to embrace their own learning they’re going to do it anyway no matter what you say or do.”

Apparently, for someone like Rohman, having sex with a minor is part of their “learning.”

The LGBT groomer encourages the school district and the parents to encourage gayness in the classroom and to teach children about sexuality, while he himself desires to sleep with said children.

Predators love working at and near schools. This is no exception. 181 teachers alone have been arrested for sex crimes so far this year.

Democrats and the rest of the radical left do not care about your children. They wish only to earn brownie points with token minorities, even i those minorities are predators.

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