Michigan Gubernatorial hopefuls James Craig and Perry Johnson find ways to fight back against the Democrat corruption

After baseless allegations of petition signature forgeries, former Detroit Police Chief James Craig, alongside Perry Johnson, were both removed from the ballot for Michigan’s Republican primary. Both men were running to the Republican Gubernatorial nominee.

While Michigan Democrats continue to do everything in their power to keep Republicans from even running in the state, Craig and Johnson are fighting back.

Perry Johnson (left) and James Craig (right)

The two of them went on Fox together and discussed their plans.

For Craig, this plan is a statewide write-in campaign for the Republican nomination.

“I’m not giving up,” Craig told the host. “They have robbed me … And guess what? There are so many people that reached out through my campaign and said: ‘Chief, you’re a fighter. Don’t give up. Continue to fight. We need you to do what you’re doing.'”

However, Johnson considers this option too expensive. He estimates that it would take upwards of $22 million to secure the nomination through such a campaign.

Instead, Johnson asked a federal judge to order the crooked Michigan Secretary of State’s office to stop printing August 2022 ballots.

The clock is ticking here, as ballots are legally required to be mailed out to overseas voters by June 18th. However there is a hearing set for Tuesday  and a motion for an earlier emergency hearing out.

Craig and Johnson are two of five disqualified gubernatorial candidates within the Michigan GOP whose signatures are allegedly invalid, leaving them shy of the minimum 15,000 necessary to get on the ballot.

Desperate and fearful Michigan Democrats have done everything they can to make it an uphill battle for Republicans trying to run, disqualifying half of the 10 initial candidates for Governor and having the FBI conveniently arrest another. They know that Whitmer would lose a fair race, so they are doing everything they can to make it unfair.

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