Michigan’s far-left Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer is facing serious backlash over her secret trip to Florida on a private jet belonging to major political donors that cost an estimated $27,521, of which, Whitmer claims she paid $855.

MIGOP created a brutal ad that’s a take-off of Michigan’s popular “Pure Michigan” travel ad campaign, highlighting the disgusting hypocrisy of Governor Whitmer and her top officials tasked with the COVID pandemic in Michigan:

After the story broke that Whitmer secretly traveled to Florida to visit her “chronically ill” father, who, according to Great Lakes News was allegedly seen recently at a Lansing shopping center before getting into his Tesla and driving away.

On May 14, Whitmer’s office claimed that Michigan Transition 2019, a corporate nonprofit that was formed to pay for the governor’s inauguration, paid for the chartered jet that flew Whitmer to and from Florida, according to Epoch Times.

On Monday, the Detroit News reported that an FAA spokesperson confirmed that Detroit-based Air Eagle, the company whose plane carried Whitmer to Florida and back, doesn’t have the certificate that allows for charter-type services.

The statement came after  Whitmer’s Chief of Staff JoAnne Huls said last week the administration used “a chartered flight for this trip.”

Rep. Steve Johnson, the chairman of the Michigan House Oversight Committee, said he’s considering probing the financial arrangements behind the top state officeholder’s travel. Johnson, R-Wayland, said he hadn’t decided what his course of action will be but added that he might draft a letter with questions and send it to the Democratic administration.

“If they refuse to (answer the questions), maybe, at that point, we will do hearings. It’s definitely something in consideration,” Johnson said. “I would like to give the administration the opportunity to answer questions before we go down that road.”

Yesterday, a local non-profit, Michigan Rising Action, filed a complaint with the IRS alleging that Whitmer’s trip to Florida “is not within the exempt purpose of Michigan Transition 2019.”

The Michigan non-profit that’s dedicated to “holding liberal groups and their special interest networks accountable and advancing conservative principles,” warned Whitmer in a tweet today that this story is not going away, adding, “Using nonprofit funds for personal benefit is unacceptable.”

In their complaint against Whitmer, Michigan Rising Action is asking for a federal investigation into the non-profit’s role in chartering the private jet for Whitmer, claiming the $27,521 payment “was a private benefit to Governor Whitmer,”

Eric Ventimiglia, executive director of Michigan Rising Action said in a statement: “Governor Whitmer’s use of 501(c)(4) funds for personal benefit is a clear violation of the law and we’ve asked the IRS to launch a full investigation into the matter,” adding, “From her blatant hypocrisy to the litany of ethical and legal violations, Governor Whitmer has spent the last two months misleading the people of Michigan about her trip to Florida. It’s time for her to be held accountable.”

Detroit investigative journalist Charlie LeDuff, who has filed a lawsuit against Whitmer to expose her and her part in putting COVID positive patients into nursing homes in Michigan, was one of the first journalists to report Whitmer’s trip by private jet to Florida, while she was simultaneously asking Michigan residents to remain in the state and in lockdown.

From LeDuff’s Facebook page: We called on Governor Whitmer Friday afternoon to show us the check cut to a luxury jet charter company that is not a charter company, but rather a group of wealthy businessmen.

Just hours after our broadcast, came word from Whitmer’s handlers that her political slush fund had indeed cut a check for +$27,000 for a “charter” flight that was actually a tawdry gift asked for by Whitmer’s staff.

Whitmer personally kicked in a measly $855.

If that’s true, she may just have walked herself into a federal public integrity investigation.

They always say the cover-up is worse than crime, and it’s no different in this case.

I hope for all of our sakes that there are no checks.

If there is, you must present them to the public, madam.

Watch LeDuff’s NBN (No Bullsh*t News) show discuss Whitmer’s efforts to obfuscate questions about who paid for the trip and why she took the trip to Florida:

Will Michigan’s dirty Governor be held responsible for her unethical behavior or will Biden’s IRS find a way to make this charge against her go away? What about Michigan’s even further left Attorney General Dana Nessel, why is she not investigating Whitmer’s trips to Florida?

Will there ever be equal justice in America during this dark period of Democrat Party rule in America?

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