A migrant mother says she was forced by leftist organizations into joining the caravan group that rushed the border.

They are being used as pawns by communist groups to achieve the goal of open borders. Groups like People Without Borders and others are pushing for a policy of open borders at all costs. It’s hard to believe that these people don’t believe in sovereignty in America. They want to bring in anyone who claims asylum at the expense of the American people.

The illegals have been gaming the system when it comes to asylum. They’re being coached on what to say as their asylum hearing. Two words are needed in order for the applicant to have any chance of asylum: CREDIBLE FEAR

Without credible fear being proven, the person has no chance of staying in the US so the lawyers for open borders get to work trying to game the system even though most migrants are ECONOMIC migrants who just want a job. There are people who qualify for asylum so the fraud in the system harms those who really need it.


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The Epoch Times reports:

When Cáceres took her 15-year-old special-needs son to check their asylum number on Nov. 25, she was told it would be another three weeks before her number was called.

But that was also the day that organizers called the thousands of migrants to march to the border. Cáceres said she didn’t plan to join the protest, “but as we are with the caravan, we are forced to.”

“The truth is that we were told that if we didn’t go to the caravan, then we were not with them, and you know, since we departed from Honduras, we came in a caravan,” she said.

Another migrant said he thought it would be easier to get into the US and to get a job:

“I thought I’d already be working in the US by now.”

Migrants claiming asylum now have to wait in Mexico until their claims are processed. This policy change could keep them in Mexico for a significant stretch of time, so many are returning home.

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