A new CIA recruitment ad has gone viral around the Internet for all the wrong reasons.  Feel free to list them all in the comments, below.

Still from new CIA recruitment ad that ends with a female symbol with a BLM-style fist and a Spanish term for female affection.

It is no secret that woke female progressives under 30 have a much higher rate of mental disorders.  In fact, as progressives love to note, it is science...or at least a poll by Pew, for whatever that is worth.

And, if a new CIA ad is accurate, things may not get much better for them by age 36.

36 is the age of a woke-checkmark CIA operative with “generalized anxiety disorder” at the center of a new CIA recruitment ad campaign.

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When people used to think of the CIA, they used to think of very intelligent spies and surveillance of ‘bad guys’ with fancy gadgets and suits.

In reality, the CIA of 2021 has proven itself to be nothing more than another agency used against the American people that is looking to staff itself with the most woke programmed Americans available.

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Otherwise their latest ad could not possibly exist, except perhaps as satire in a late night comedy show from 10 years ago.

In the new ad, a CIA operative describes her self as more than just an “intersectional…CIS Gender” human being with “generalized anxiety disorder,” but as an “unapologetic” experience, demanding that others find her ‘intoxicating.’

She claims she “did not sneak into” the CIA and isn’t just there to ‘check’ obligatory diversity boxes.

Yet, she seems to check more woke diversity boxes and buzzwords in her two-minute ad than most BLM or Antifa operatives do during an entire city riot.

Locating all of the woke moments and details in this ad would be a great drinking game, but we are working, today so we cannot partake.

However, we encourage our viewers to list all the woke checkboxes the CIA narrator and cinematographer ironically check off in the comments below.

The Hill commented on the absurdity of the ad:

The full video advertisement can be found, below:

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