Poor billionaire Mike Bloomberg.

He just can’t get a break.

He’s tried paying people to make him look cool on social media and to give him clever comebacks to Trump’s remarks about him, but try as he may, Bloomberg doesn’t seem to be getting the love from the Democrat Party he believes he deserves.

Democrats and Democrat media allies are now accusing the boring billionaire of paying people to cheer for him from the seats at the S. Carolina debate.

The Independent reports – Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg received loud applause and whoops at the latest TV debate with his rivals – cheers that some said were suspiciously enthusiastic given his lackluster performance.

The former New York mayor needed a strong showing at the debate to recover from his first appearance with the other candidates in Nevada, which was generally agreed to have been a disaster for his campaign.

However, while his performance was more confident and better received than his last, various commentators noticed that the audience in the room seemed to be cheering Mr. Bloomberg on with a vigour and frequency that his words did not warrant.

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Here are just a few of the tweets suggesting that Bloomberg paid people to cheer for him:

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This person points out “the suits” in the audience, as evidence that because of the high ticket price, DNC operatives were able to snatch up seats and give them to people who would cheer for Mike Bloomberg.

Even the Democrat mouthpiece publication The Washington Post questioned if the Bloomberg campaign stacked the debate audience with supporters?

Their deduction was that the billionaire candidate might have “stacked” the crowd with paid-for attendees, something the campaign denies.

Others said the high cost of tickets may have worked in his favor. Longtime left-wing hero and activist Michael Moore tweeted that “tickets to get in cost up to $3,200. No surprise to see Bloomberg get some cheers. Is there any joy in watching this debate?”

Here’s a clip from the debate where Senator “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren many in the Democrat Party thought Bloomberg

The far-left Late Show Stephen Colbert host ripped Bloomberg’s performance at the debate:

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