Hey mainstream media…when are you going to take a break from manufacturing news about a Trump connection to Russians and actually report on the billions of US taxpayer dollars Obama gave to leftist organizations via of all places, our Department of Justice? Aren’t these the same tactics union leaders use when they force union members to contribute dues, and then use those dues to fund Democrat candidates and leftist radical causes that many of the union members don’t agree with? 

The Obama administration funneled billions of dollars to activist organizations through a Department of Justice slush fund scheme, according to congressional investigators.

“It’s clear partisan politics played a role in the illicit actions that were made,” Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, told Fox News. “The DOJ is the last place this should have occurred.”

Findings spearheaded by the House Judiciary Committee point to a process shrouded in secrecy whereby monies were distributed to a labyrinth of nonprofit organizations involved with grass-roots activism. –FOX News

Mike Huckabee appeared with FOX New’s Martha MacCallum’s “First 100 Days” and was asked to explain how Obama was able to get away with funneling billions of dollars into a “shadowy DOJ slush fund” that was used to fund progressive organizations that promote liberal causes and push for Democratic votes.”

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