House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) unveiled a continuing resolution proposal to avert the looming government shutdown.

According to reports, the Louisiana Republican told fellow GOP lawmakers on a conference call that he’s “moving forward with a two-step government funding plan.”

“Notably, funding for Israel, Ukraine or border security are not attached to the must-pass legislation,” ABC News reports.

In a statement on the “two-step continuing resolution,” Johnson did not seem opposed to additional funding for Ukraine.

He said “oversight over Ukraine aid” will be determined by “supplemental funding debates.”


“This two-step continuing resolution is a necessary bill to place House Republicans in the best position to fight for conservative victories. The bill will stop the absurd holiday-season omnibus tradition of massive, loaded up spending bills introduced right before the Christmas recess,” Johnson said.

“Separating out the CR from the supplemental funding debates places our conference in the best position to fight for fiscal responsibility, oversight over Ukraine aid, and meaningful policy changes at our Southern border,” he continued.

“With our debt spiraling out of control, the rising costs of ‘Bidenomics’ hurting families, and our Southern border wide open, House Republicans must position ourselves best to fight for the American people,” he added.

Social media users commented on Johnson’s statement:

ABC News reports:

Congress often passes a short-term funding bill or stopgap measure, known as a CR, to keep the government open at current spending levels. This is the option that Congress used just a few weeks ago to avoid a shutdown.

But Johnson says that’s not on the table.

Instead, he’s pushing a plan that would set two different deadlines to keep different parts of the government functioning, sources on the call told ABC News. The legislative text obtained by ABC News confirms two separate extensions for different chunks of the federal government just two weeks apart — Jan. 19 and Feb. 2.

When pitching this plan, Johnson mentioned he has only been on the job for a few weeks, adding he wasn’t the “architect of the mess we’re in,” sources familiar with the appeal said.

There are already a handful of Republicans who are skeptical of Johnson’s proposal to keep the government funded.

At least two say they will vote against it. Reps. Chip Roy and Marjorie Taylor Greene said they’re a no.

But would Democrats support it?

“It’s a good thing the Speaker didn’t include unnecessary cuts and kept defense funding with the second group of programs,” a Senate Democratic leadership aide told ABC News.

A Democratic leadership source told ABC News that Johnson knew he needed Democratic votes, so he moved in their direction by not including cuts and not placing defense funding in the first deadline. Even with that, it’s unclear if Democrats in the House and Senate will back this plan. Just last week, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries threw cold water on the idea of laddered CR.

According to prior reports, it appears Johnson is backing off impeachment of Joe Biden.

Mike Johnson Backing Off Joe Biden Impeachment?

According to The Washington Post contributor Jacqueline Alemany, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) appeared to agree with moderate Republicans in a closed-door meeting that there’s less of a political imperative to impeach Joe Biden.

“In a private meeting with moderates this week, the new Speaker appeared to agree with members who argued that since Biden’s polling numbers have been weaker, there is less of a political imperative to impeach him,” Alemany said.

“Johnson also indicated that there is insufficient evidence at the moment to initiate formal impeachment proceedings during the meeting,” she added.


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