FRANK, America’s brand new social media platform, will debut on Monday morning, April 19, at 9 AM EST. There is still time to get the VIP code to gain early access to Frank on Sunday, by going to and entering your phone number.

Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit and Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up will be interviewed at 7:45 PM EST by Mike Lindell during his “Frank-a-Thon,” where Mike will be talking to his top conservative influencers who will be a big part of his new social media platform. We have also agreed to help Mike promote his My Pillow and My Store products directly to the consumer after big box stores joined forces to drop his My Pillow products after Mike pushed for an investigation into voter fraud in the November 2020 election. When you use the FedUp code at checkout on the or website, you can receive up to 66% off My Pillow products. When you use the Fed Up code at checkout on My Pillow or My Store products, you are also helping to support our efforts at 100 Percent Fed Up to bring you the truth you deserve to know.

On April 2, we interviewed Mike Lindell on our joint podcast with 100 Percent Fed Up and the Gateway Pundit where we talked about his new social media platform, election integrity, and about the decision by big box stores to drop his My Pillow products:

During a recent interview with NDT News, the Christian patriot, Mike Lindell revealed that in addition to calls for criminal acts, the four “swear words” that you won’t see on his new social media platform: “You don’t get to use the four swear words—the C-word, the N-word, the F-word, or God’s name in vain. Free speech is not pornography; free speech isn’t ‘I’m going to kill you,’” Lindell said.

Watch Mike Lindell’s latest interview with Steve Bannon where he talks about the rollout of his new social media platform here:

Epoch Times reports – Many conservatives have been censored by social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook or have had their posts labeled as inaccurate. A Pew 2020 survey took a random national sample of almost 5,000 people and found that most Americans think social media sites censor users based on political viewpoints.

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