My Pillow and My Store CEO Mike Lindell is an American success story. In his book, “What Are The Odds,” Mike lays bear his incredible, unedited, true-life story of how he went from an alcoholic, cocaine, and crack cocaine addict to CEO of the wildly successful My Pillow company.  With God’s help, Mike took his addiction fueled failures and turned them into an incredible American success story.

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Mike’s story of how he overcame what many would see as insurmountable challenges in his lifetime is a true testament to the power of turning your life over to Jesus Christ. He is a hero to many, including those with drug and alcohol addictions, who Mike helps to recover through his faith-based Lindell Recovery Network.

Last week, Mike Lindell agreed to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show with the far-left host, Jimmy Kimmel, who masks his disdain for anyone who doesn’t think like him by mocking them and disguising it as “humor.”

Before his appearance on Kimmels’ show last night, friends and employees of Mike’s were praying for him. His Lindell Recovery Network Executive Director sent a note asking for prayers for Mike.

Here is a portion of her note:

Truly, no one knows what Jimmy may have up his sleeve for tonight, but Mike views the entire opportunity as simply this: God has opened an amazing door. Our hope is that this appearance will allow Mike to reach many, and that his words will touch and inspire people. 

God has anointed Mike Lindell with an amazing calling to bring truth, boldness, and freedom to Americans and addicts alike. We know our present culture is far from the Lord: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, and put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” -Isaiah 5:20. So let’s pray against demonic interference, confusion, and mean-spiritedness, and pray for the Lord’s hand to be upon Mike tonight. We stand in the gap for Mike and pray the Lord will give him strength, wisdom, discernment and boldness! 

May it be for all your glory Jesus! Thank you for Mike Lindell and for the mission you have set before him.

Moments before he introduced Mike Lindell, Kimmel showed a short segment of clips created to make Lindell look like a crazy conspiracy theorist, “In our nation’s long a storied history, only one pillow salesman has been called to the Oval Office because the President was unhappy with the election results…our next guess is that pillow man—and he has a lot to say,” Kimmel said, as he introduced Mr. Lindell. The good-natured Mike Lindell, who fears no one other than the Lord, ignored the host’s attempt at humiliating him before he ever stepped on stage. In his hand, he carried his “What Are The Odds” book.

“Have you been vaccinated?” Kimmel asked. Mike smiled and told him, “No, I haven’t.” Kimmel quickly clarified, “I meant for rabies.”


Again, Mike ignored Kimmel and offered him a copy of his book. Kimmel told him he already read his book. Mike explained that in his book, he talks about his difficult life and how it led him to a place where he can help others with addictions through his Lindell Recovery Network. Kimmel couldn’t have cared less about Mike Lindell’s charitable heart; he immediately jumped into his first insult, as he compared Mike Lindell’s book about his drug addiction to the book recently released by Joe Biden’s drug-addicted son, Hunter. Instead of bristling at the comparison to Hunter Biden, Mike showed compassion for Hunter by not mocking him. Instead, he explained that the paranoia Hunter describes in his book is a common theme with drug addicts.

Kimmel jumped on Mike’s paranoia comment to mock him for staying away from his hometown in Minnesota over multiple threats (including death threats) he’s received because of his fight to expose election fraud in the November 2020 election.

After Kimmel did a quick synopsis of all of the difficult challenges Mike faced, he asked Mike if he missed anything? “Well, you missed one thing,” Mike told Kimmel, “On January 16, 2009, by the grace of God, he did free me of all the addictions.” Kimmel ignored him.

Mr. Lindell explained that he missed out on a lot of current events because of the time he spent with his addictions. When he finally recovered and took his life back, Mike said he didn’t know the difference between Republicans or Democrats. He explained that he didn’t even know what a filibuster was. Kimmel jumped in to cruelly mock him, telling him that many people still believe he has no idea what he’s talking about. Next, Kimmel mocked him for his fight to reveal the truth about election fraud in America, telling Mike that he “doesn’t believe there’s any validity to anything he’s saying.” Kimmel took it a step further and told Lindell that a lot of people are laughing at him. Kimmell explained that he’s not laughing because he believes he could “draw a line” between Mike’s remarks about voter integrity and the January 6th incident at the US Capitol.

Over and over again, Kimmel mocked Mike and his addictions, shut him up when he tried to talk about his faith, called Mike a liar, and attempted to prove that he’s crazy.

At one point, Kimmel said that he has no idea how much money Mike has, to which Mr. Lindell responded, “I give it all to charity.” Kimmel completely ignored him and moved on to try to convince him that perhaps faith had nothing to do with his recovery and that maybe it’s just a coincidence. Kimmel mocked him repeatedly, telling Lindell, “I worry about you,” as he suggested that Mike keeps placing himself in bad situations. “There’s something going on up there, from the crack or something,” Kimmell told him, as he spun his hands around his head like he’s a crazy person.

In what can only be described as bizarre, a Mike Lindell impersonator with a bloodied bandage tied around his head and a crutch walked onto the stage and challenged Mike to a pillow fight as he yelled at Mike and mocked him with a pillow in his hand. All the while, Jimmy Kimmel laughed. He finally ended the uncomfortable segment by telling his audience, “All I know is that My Pillows are no longer sold in stores!” Kimmel said, mocking Mike for a final time before ending his interview with the brave, God-fearing patriot, Mike Lindell.

Watch the interview here:


According to Mike Lindell, he’s lost over $68 million in sales from the big box stores who’ve boycotted him over his fight for election integrity. If you’d like to help Mike, consider buying one or more of his products. If you already have everything in his store, buy something for a friend, or donate some of his pillows, towels, and sheets to a homeless shelter. I own a pair of the My Pillow slippers, and they are the most comfortable slippers I have ever worn.

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