Vice President Mike Pence went full badass on Venezuela’s UN Ambassador, Samuel Moncada, during his address to the members of the UN Security Council. With a sense of urgency, Pence implored the members to “stand up for democracy and the rule of law” in Venezuela, as he reminded them of the reason the UN Security Council exists.

During his moving speech, Vice President Mike Pence exposed the horrific living conditions for Venezuela’s citizens. “For six long years, the people have suffered under the heavy hand of oppression. The Maduro regime socialist policies have shrunk their economy by nearly half.  In what was once one of the wealthiest countries in our hemisphere, nine out of ten people now live in poverty. The average Venezuelan has lost more 20 lbs, through deprivation and malnutrition.  Thousands of Venezuelan children are starving. And at this very hour, infants in hospitals across Venezuela are dying for lack of basic medical care,” Pence told the UN Security Council members.

Pence continued, as he called out the selfish and lawless acts of the Socialist regime in Venezuela: “The Maduro regime, amid this devastation and suffering, has used violence and intimidation against anyone who opposes their actions. In the last three months, the Maduro regime has thrown at least, 1,255 people in jail, without any due process of law, and killed at least 40 protesters. That’s the nature of the regime that we’re dealing with.”

Pence relayed a heartbreaking story to the UN members about a recent mission trip that he and his wife Karen took to Venezuela. He explained how a father stood next to his two young boys and told Vice President Pence how hard it is to come home from work at the end of the day and not have anything to feed your children.

Fox News reports – Vice President Pence called out Venezuela’s United Nations ambassador to his face while addressing the body’s Security Council on Wednesday — a speech he used to declare it’s time for Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro to step down.

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“With all due respect, Mr. Ambassador, you shouldn’t be here,” he said, looking directly at the representative, Samuel Moncada, who was in the room. “You should return to Venezuela and tell Nicolas Maduro that his time is up. It’s time for him to go.”

Moncada looked up from his phone and shook his head at Pence’s remarks.

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Pence urged the Security Council to act to end the Maduro regime and recognize Interim President Juan Guaido. He said also it’s time for the U.N. to seat Guaido’s representative at the U.N. — and expel the current representative.

“Now it’s time for the United Nations to act, and for the world to stand with the people of Venezuela as they march for freedom,” Pence said.

Watch this shortened clip from Pence’s speech (The entire speech can be seen below):

He also announced the U.S. will be providing nearly $61 million in humanitarian assistance, in addition to the $213 million the State Department says it has already provided to Venezuelan refugees living in nearby countries — as well as $43 million in development and economic assistance.

Russia, Iran, China, and Cuba are among the countries that have backed Maduro, while most Latin American countries have recognized Guaido.

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