Political hack Chris Wallace asked Mike Pompeo a ridiculous question today during an interview, and Pompeo gave him the answer he deserved!

Wallace likes to jab at Trump supporters and Trump administration officials when he’s interviewing them. He’s insufferable in the same way that Shepard Smith was when he worked for Fox News. That’s why the video below is such a mic drop moment and so much fun to watch over and over:

Chris Wallace: Do you think, as misguided as it may be, that some of our enemies think that this President is more vulnerable because of the impeachment effort?

Pompeo: You should ask Mr. Soleimani

Great answer!

Pompeo made the rounds on Sunday shows to explain to the American people why President Trump decided to take out known terrorist Gen. Soleimani.

Wallace took a swipe at Trump by insinuating that the move by Trump “may be misguided.” It’s exactly the type of snark anyone would expect from anti-Trump Wallace.

Pompeo also faced Clintonite George Stephanopolous and did a great job of calmly pushing back on the political hack who poses as an ABC anchor:

His first answer to Stephanopoulos is measured and calm, telling him that “the world is a safer place today”…


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