Six Degrees and Fox Business host Mike Rowe talks green energy risks and Democrat overspending with Fox’s Brian Kilmeade

Fox Business host and television narrator and presenter Mike Rowe joined Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade on the latter’s show to discuss the risks and language behind the Democrats’ new green spending bill.

Mike Rowe and Brian Kilmeade discuss green energy risks on Kilmeade’s show

“If you make fossil fuels the enemy, then you are going to reap the whirlwind of unintended consequences,” Mike Rowe begins.

“When you talk about flipping a switch and getting rid of oil and natural gas and even coal, for that matter, you would hasten that Armageddon to an exponential factor. China and India alone are building a coal plant every week for the next 30 years. That’s not going to change. There are 30 billion people right now still burning wood and dung. If you want to bring them into the modern world, you’re not going to do it with wind. You’re not going to do it with solar. You’re not going to do it with hydro,” he continues.

For developing nations with massive populations and massive population growth, such as India, China, and Nigeria, the only thing that is practical is to increase the consumption of fossil fuels–which means that no amount of green transitioning done by developed countries will be enough to save the environment for so long as these other nations continue to rely on fossil fuels.

Comparing cutting fossil fuels in favor of green energy to defunding the police, Rowe and Kilmeade anticipate unintended consequences for the prior, just as how the latter’s consequences included skyrocketing crime nationwide.

“When we call a bill something it isn’t, that’s an overreaction. When we want to talk about reforming police, we don’t talk about ‘reforming’ them we talk about ‘defunding them’–just tear it down. Fossil fuels cant be ‘problematic’ they have to be ‘the enemy,’ and they have to be ‘ended now,'” Mike Rowe continues, noting that the Democrat platform is to deal with things in radical overreactions and impractical absolutes no matter what the subject matter is.

You can watch the full video here:

If fossil fuels are an evil, they are a necessary evil for the world. Transitions to green energy must be done responsibly to preserve jobs and to smooth out a price curve. What the Democrats are doing right now, and intend to do more of, is irresponsible. It is increasing costs across the board while lowering job security in the energy sector.

And all so that China and India can continue to produce the lion’s share of the earth’s pollution while our standard of living in the United States declines.

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