Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, 56, joined Newsmax’s “The Record With Greta Van Susteren” to discuss Hulu’s new unsolicited series about him. During the interview, host Van Susteren brought up politics in an attempt to get Tyson to reveal his political affiliation.

“How about politics? Do you follow politics at all?” asked Van Susteren.

Tyson hesitated, then said, “Listen, if I start talking politics, my friends are not gonna like me… Hey, let’s just not do that, okay?”

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Van Susteren continued pressing for an answer, saying, “Do you go to the far right of the spectrum or the far left of the spectrum in politics? Are you Conservative or Liberal?”

“Now listen,” responded Tyson, “when I was younger I was all-out Liberal, but as I get older and I look at my children and I see what’s out in the world, I get a little Conservative. It’s common sense. Looking at the world in the stage it’s in right now, you want safety.”

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Van Susteren then pried a bit more, asking Tyson’s opinion on Gov. Ron Desantis and Donald Trump. However, Tyson chose to wrap up his discussion of politics, saying, “Last time I put my hat in the arena and gave my opinion – Wow, did they give me a beating!”

“Who gave you a beating?” asked Van Susteren.

“The press!” said Tyson. He then revealed that he doesn’t talk about politics or religion because the media stole his freedom of speech.

Even American boxing champion Mike Tyson isn’t able to hold off attacks from the media when it comes to issues of politics.


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